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Harnessing the potentials of Anambra State youths with the view of making them resourceful

By La Belle Reine D'Awka


Anambra youths are the hope of our future. In over 179 communities of Anambra state, the youths abound. A large population of them are restive and into different social vices. There is urgent need to redirect and re-educate our youths down to the grassroots level.

Dr. Godwin Maduka aims to empower Anambra state youths in his 10 point agenda by improving their quality of lives through the creation of opportunities for employments in various sectors; Agribusiness, Trade, Small Scale Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Tourism, ICT, among others.

Through agricultural empowerment, Youths will be given capitals, loans, farm equipments, tractors to maximize their agricultural skills and encouraged by government to build “Food Storage Silos” near farms in other to establish “Foodstuff Processing Plants” in their respective LGAs. This will encourage youths to use their time, energy and become actively engaged.

In ICT, young resourceful youths shall be equipped with ICT skills in both basic and advanced technology, manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence through the establishment of Technology Entrepreneurship Hub centres across the three senatorial zones.

Vocational education centers will be set up to enhance, retrain our youths to be gainfully skilled. The office of the women and children affairs will be strengthened to accommodate a broad spectrum of the challenges they encounter in Anambra state today.

Okosisi Orumba will ensure that Anambra youths through his partnership with major stakeholders, private investors, MDGs, churches, community leaders, are directly impacted. Including using proper legislation to introduce a 50% subsidized policy of the cost of school fees for the benefits of all Anambra youths in every tertiary institutions.

As a believer of our indigenous and local content, he will contract and promote local entrepreneurship by engaging talented and qualified youths in every project and manufacturing programmes where they will be actively engaged as catalysts to socio-economic development.

Anambra youths will be employed to serve as tourist guides in their various communities to harness and showcase tourism potentials discovered in that community. They will become employed via the proposed ultra modern infrastructural development when the world-class International Airport is built to grow international trade, push medical tourism, leisure cum business tourism and hotel resorts in the state.

Dr. Godwin Maduka is daring to make a difference in today’s youth-one page at a time.

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