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Has APGA And Its Leadership Been Fair To Ifeanyi Ubah?

By Bona Ogbonna


During the APGA leadership crisis in 2012, when the then Governor of Anambra State wanted to destroy the party structures and leadership by forcefully and unconstitutionally removing the then leadership of the party and replaced them with his cronies, the then leadership ran to Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah for help.

He deployed all his resources and made sure that the party remained intact and on track. After that singular but most important help to the party, what did he get in return?, he was indirectly forced to leave the party then, being a peace loving man, he left APGA for peace to reign.

Again, towards the build up to the Nov 18th Governorship Election in Anambra State, the party and the State Governor knew that the chance of winning the reelection was very tiny and slim, the party approached Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah again to come and help them win again, initially, he was reluctant because of his experience with the party after the 2012 crisis, and they say, “ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY”.

But when the party leadership and the Governor kept begging and with the help of some prominent sons of Anambra State, including men of God and traditional rulers, he agreed to come to the rescue of the party by deploying all his resources once again.

We were all witness to how his entrance into the party then did an extraordinary magic and the game changed within few days. At the end, the Governor got reelected and the party once again emerged victorious and stronger because of that singular but important effort of Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

After the victory song, the party and its leadership reneged on their promises and agreement with Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

He was promised an automatic ticket of the party for Anambra South senatorial Zone, the party betrayed him by denying him the automatic ticket, even when he accepted to go to the party’s primary with other aspirants, the party leadership went ahead to disqualify him for the reason which they are yet to made known to the public, despite the fact that the party’s screening committee has cleared him and confirmed him eligible to take part in the party’s primary.

It’s also a well-known fact that no individual apart from the former and present Governors of the state, have contributed financially to the party more than Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

Based on the above facts and many other backstabbing and betrayals being meted out to Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah by APGA and its leadership, he will be 100% justified if he decides to listen to the yearning of the good people of Anambra South senatorial Zone for him to join another party and contest for the Senate, because APGA and its leadership cannot deny them the opportunity of a quality and good representation at the Senate come 2019.

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