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Hausa/Fulani should stop rewriting history of southern kaduna- SOKAPU Spokesman


Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) has cautioned Governor Nasir El-Rufai and the Fulani ethnic group of northern Nigeria to desist from rewriting the history regarding the indigenous people of Kaduna State.

The spokesman of SOKAPU, Luka Binniyat while featuring on Elombah Television virtual interview anchored in United Kingdom (UK) narrated how the Igbos established the Kafanchan town which is in the Southern part of Kaduna, early in the twentieth century.


“For a particular ethnic group, the Fulani, who has succeeded in co-opting the Hausa, and created a false ethnic group they called Hausa/Fulani, to start rewriting history that we hate people, is erroneous.

“The narration that we hate people is happening under the leadership of Governor Nasir El-rufai. The Fulani. and their political cohorts from the Hausa, are now coming out to make claims that they are natives of Southern Kaduna.

“Kajuru town is tiny town in Adara, but Governor El-rufai gave them an emirate that means that all these Adara people have to defer to the Emir, no Adara man who is a Christian can aspire to be an Emir, El-rufai is claiming that nobody is an indigene in Kaduna.

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The town known of Kafanchan in Southern Kaduna is a Christian dominated town and It is the location of a junction station of the Nigerian Railway Corporation, and it sits on the line connecting Port Harcourt, Enugu.

He explained that as far back as 1946, the Igbos in Southern Kaduna established the Igbo Teachers College in Kafanchan town.

He added that it was Igbos and some Southerners that built the Kafachan Railway Station in 1926, saying that Igbos have been integrated into Southern Kaduna communities at that time.

Binniyat said, “It is not true at all that we do not like strangers, the Igbo community had settled in Southern Kaduna, they are the founders of Kafachan. As far back as 1946, they were able to establish a secondary school, Igbo teachers college in Kafachan.

“It was the Igbos and Southerners that built Kafachan Railway Station, they completed the Railway Station in 1926, they were completely integrated into our communities as far back as at that time, we have Tivs of Southern Kaduna, they have settled in that place for five generations, they have no problem with us.

“Ninety percent of the solution of Southern Kaduna crisis lies with the governor and ninety percent of the problem also lies with the governor of Kaduna state.

“El-rufai commissioned a panel of enquiry to look into the Chikun and Kajuru crises, the Panel has submitted their report and the governor has refused to make the report public.

“I believe that the Panel must have come up with far reaching solutions to the problems in the area.”

He lamented that what has happened to the people of Southern Kaduna is monumental tragedy.

According to him, the problem of Southern Kaduna is beyond economic recovery, it is more than that, it is a monumental tragedy that has redefined and reconfigured a lot of our communities.

He added that the Southern Kaduna people are not interested in attracting investors at the moment, “we only want to leave in peace.”

Binniyat said, “Our communities are not interested in export and our local farmers just want to go to their farms and return safely, to hunt in our forests, our farmers are not into manufacturing, they just want to be in peace, these are the basic things, even if you are not going to build road for us, even if you are not going to give us electricity, allow us to go about our daily living.”

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