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Herdsmen grazing land: My special appeal to Gov Umahi


Herdsmen grazing land: My special appeal to Gov Umahi


My name is Anyiam Bernard Ezenagu, an automobile engineer and international linguist, resident in Europe . I am a true Igbo son, from Awo-Omamma, in Imo state. 

I explore the honor to write you, considering the fact that you are an elected leader of one of the States that make up the Igbo land – namely – governor of Ebonyi State.

I am apolitical, because I dislike politics and loath politicians. 

The reason is simple: From definition, politics has never been for the good of the general public, but has been an instrument for its players – otherwise known as “politicians” – to manoeuvre, manipulate albeit oppress, the observers, the electorates.

However, I am not completely unconcerned with the doings of politics and politicians, since the outcome of their doings directly affects my daily life and activities, and that of my loved ones.

On the basis of this, I take it upon myself to approach you, with all respects, for the love of our people and our collective Igbo heritage – about the on-going issue bordering on a Bill that seeks to grab land from all States of Nigeria, and hand same over to Fulani cattle rearers.

To this effect, it is learnt that you, as governor of Ebonyi State, have concluded in your mind, to grant and allow and apportion chunk of land for the purpose of grazing cattle for the Fulani herdsmen.

There’s no doubt about your good intentions to let that be. 

Yes, we are “one Nigeria”, and the constitution makes for every Nigerian to take residence in any part of the country, and conduct his/her business peacefully.

True, there are Igbo sons and daughters scattered around the northern and western lands of Nigeria, carrying out their daily activities, welcomed and accommodated. 

But these have also been involved in social and community development of their host communities, plus immensely contributing to the economic growth of those areas.

Same attributes cannot, in all honesty, be said of the Fulani cattle rearers. History is our best teacher on the recklessness, violence and lawlessness of the Fulanis.

The Fulanis are a people who have always proven to subtly approach a community, and after they’ve been granted land for accommodation and cattle rearing, with time after rooting themselves in the ground, have turned around to distaste, attack and overrun their hosts. 

In accomplishing that feat, as a follow-up consequence, have imposed their religion, culture on their victims.

To help you have an insight, before 1804, there was a nation of people known as and called The Hausas, who majorly resided in the far north of Nigeria, – Sokoto, etc – together with their Fulani visitors whom they had welcomed and accommodated. 

But in that year (1804), a Fulani leader named Usman Dan Fodio, considered himself as God’s instrument, and decided to militarily, violently confront the Hausas. 

He eventually defeated them, and subsequently enslaved them.

Today, the Hausas are rarely heard of. 

We only hear about “Hausa/Fulani”! The Hausas ultimately became slaves for the Fulanis whom they harbored!!

Now, with your pending intention to open up Igbo land in Ebonyi State for the Fulanis to inherit as “grazing reserve”, you might be unwittingly inviting chaos and unintended, but foreseen, catastrophe on the people of Ebonyi State – your own people, who have bestowed an enormous amount of trust upon you for their safety, peace and prosperity.

By the pending intentions of your heart, you are knowingly or unknowingly rendering help in bringing about the accomplishment of the desires of Ahmadu Bello whose declaration and call was for the conquer of Southern Nigeria. 

You are rendering credence to the northern belief that they own Nigeria, and can get whatever they want by force or by fire.

Dear sir, my brother, Dave Umahi, recent killings in Enugu State, and other parts of Nigeria, and the flagrant impunity in the defence of Fulani atrocities by northern governors in their recent “governors’ forum”, should serve you as an eye opener to the behind-the-scene plans of these people.

Nwanna m, Dave Umahi, in Southeast Nigeria, we have so tiny a land space to afford a chunk to satisfy Fulani evil intentions. 

We don’t have sufficient land to be granted a sixth state, yet, we want to find land for them to graze their cattle? 

We should activate our senses of reasoning and discernment, to peer into the unspoken words of these marauding killers and their sponsors.

Your Excellency, a stitch in time they said, saves nine. 

Any pain felt by any Igbo soul anywhere, is a pain felt by all Igbo people everywhere. 

One may be residing thousands of miles away from home, but the pains and cries from home, hits our hearts because, blood, they said, is thicker than water.

Do not please, consent in that “grazing land” request. That’s a grand plan with underlying ulterior motives. 

I hope you will calmly read and see meanings from this humble note.”

Truly yours,

Anyiam Bernard Ezenagu

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