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Hilarious, shocking testimonies of Apostle Suleman’s church members over “Miracle Money”


Below are hilarious, shocking, pitiful and pitiable testimonies of members of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide presided over by Apostle Johnson Suleman over “Miracle Money” promised them by the church overseer:

1. My name is Audrey from Namibia. I want to give all Glory to God for healing me from an unbearable pain on my private parts, after Daddy declared it I was healed instantaneously. Also, a big lump grew on my left cheek side, but after Daddy prayed, the lump disappeared instantly. Indeed God of Wonders without number is doing great things in our lives.

2. Good morning Papa, on Monday the 9th of August, you prayed for miracle money and you said we should bring out our ATM cards. Two hours later a man walked to me and just put 50 Euros in my hand and left. Just like that. MIRACLE MONEY IS REAL. All Glory to God. Solomon Smith from Frankfurt, Germany

3. Good morning papa. I thank God for what He is doing through wonders without number. God has changed my story through these prayers. He gave me a job after three years of joblessness. I return all the Glory, Honour and Adoration to God. Indeed, my time has come.

4. Good Morning Papa, I am here to testify what the Lord has done in my life and family. Ever since I joined Wonders without number, my prayer life has improved. Also, I began my visa documentation in 2019, but each time I apply, they kept rejecting or asking for more documents. Papa, during the 2nd Edition of July, you gave a word that documents are released; that same week the application for the first stage was granted without asking for more documents. My time has come. Oboh Tony Erhauyi from India.

5. Papa, I have been looking for a job for the past three years. I found none, but they are now chasing me with jobs. I went to buy some things in the supermarket and after payment when I left, I found almost the same amount that I paid in my purse. Thank you Jesus. My time has come. Sister Josephine from Italy

6. Good morning Papa, I am Salome Agyei from Ghana. On the 8th of August I was having a heart burn which. I was suspecting to be stomach ulcer, it started days ago in the middle of the night but thank God after you prayed for the sick on that day it vanished. My time has come.

7. Good morning papa, I want to thank God for wonders without numbers, God has been very faithful to me and my family. I have been in a financial mess since last year as my husband has been jobless and we had to borrow to feed but since I joined wonders without numbers, my story has changed. God has started something for my husband. My time has come. Edna from Port Harcourt.

8. My name is Victor from Ontario Canada. I sent a prayer request in July 2nd edition for our mortgage that was closing on the 30th July. We needed financial favor to complete the down payment before the 30th. We connected to every testimony of financial alert and prayer, God showed up miraculously and the mortgage was closed on that day. Truly, my time has come.

9. My name is Josephine Wilberforce from Ghana. I started following and praying along with you since July edition of wonders without number, lo and behold God showed me His awesome wonders on the 2nd of August 2021. I went to withdraw 150 Ghana cedis meant for market. After spending 111 cedis, I got home to count my balance, I realized it was 130 cedis out of 150 even after spending 111 cedis. Papa, I am shocked because this money was well counted and arranged. Thank you lord, my time has come.

10. My name is Julienne from Cameroon, I have been following wonders without numbers and I want to say my time has come, someone promised to help me go back to school and to God be the glory she fulfilled her promise. Also, I traveled with my kids to my parents and on our way back God preserved us from accident. My time has come.

11. My name is Aletah from Botswana, I used to have nightmares of a snake biting me sometimes being chased by giants, every time I would pray at midnight. I would have a bad dream but since I joined the July edition of wonders without numbers I no longer have the nightmares and my prayer life has increased. Secondly, I had sent a request for peace and love in my family because there was no love between my siblings and I but since I sent the request the situation has changed. My family’s time has come.

12. My name is Apostle Bokamoso from Botswana. On day 10 of July edition you gave a prophecy that there was a pastor who was watching and they closed down the church because of petty issues and you declared that in the next 24 hours your God will do it for us, I am here to return the glory to God, we are now resuming our services; indeed God did it for us. My time has come.

13. Paul James from Italy, since I started watching wonders without number, I have been receiving favour from every side; people keep giving me money and those who are owing me keep paying me. My time has come

14. My name is Emeka from Lagos; in July edition you prophesied by calling my name that my money hanging will be released. After some days it was released; I give God all the glory. God bless you sir, my time has come.

15. My name is Rolanda from Atlanta. I would like to say GOD is real. He has really blessed me since I joined Wonders without number on July 15th. I needed just money for lunch at work. I checked a card I had not used in months and I found money in there. My time has come !

16. My name is Efemena Fred from the USA. I have come to return all the glory to the God who healed me from Fibroid and excessive bleeding during this August edition of Wonders without number.

17. Papa, I received a total of N40.000 as miracle money. N30.000 from that money was sent by my brother which I didn’t expect and ask for; N10.000 is from an unknown source. I didn’t even receive an alert of the N10.000. I just noticed my account balance grew fatter. I have paid my tithe. Miracle money is real. Chima from Enugu State

18. Good evening papa, I will like to testify of the goodness of God in my life through Wonders without numbers, in the month of June someone blessed me financially; also God canceled a huge debt I was owing. Indeed, my time has come. Gisele from South Africa

19. Good morning Papa, I was the one that you prophesied about on day 1 August edition about an alcoholic addiction. As soon as you prophesied it sir, I screamed and started crying because that has been my prayer point anytime am watching wonders without number. Since that day Papa the urge for alcohol left me. I give all the glory to God. Joy from Spain

20. My name is Yvonne from Cameroon. Papa I was going through the experience of a spiritual husband who always uses the face of my husband to confuse me but during the July edition as you gave the prayer request on the bed of iron and dream pollution. That experience is gone, thank you Jesus. My time has come

21. My name is Sophia from USA. I prayed with the July 30th video of wonders without number and placed my hand on my cheque book and prayed; the next day in the morning, one of my husband’s old friends called him and gave him $1000 and said God is pressing on his heart to give it to him. My husband came home happy with the money. Our time has come.

22. I am Grace Sefako from Botswana. During wonders without number, I connected and placed my bank cards when you prayed for miracle money. The following day I received an alert of money. It was my first time to experience that. I really thank God. My time has come.

23. My name is Shadrack from Ghana; I want to thank God for the wonderful things he is doing in my life. Papa, since I started watching wonders without number, my life has changed and prayer life is growing bigger every day. I used to masturbate but now I don’t anymore. Glory be to God, my time has come.

24. Papa, during the second edition of Wonders without number in July, I bought a Maryland lottery scratch off ticket. I saved it for a week praying. Life is growing bigger every day. I used to masturbate but now I don’t anymore. Glory be to God, my time has come.

24. Papa, during the second edition of Wonders without number in July, I bought a Maryland lottery scratch off ticket. I saved it for a week praying with it during the program. When I finally scratched it, I won $10,000. I received $6.750 after taxes. My time has come. Geoffrey Jackson from Maryland USA

25. Papa, I want to thank God for miracle money. You asked us to place our ATM cards on the device we were watching from and lo and behold, on the 29th, someone paid in 40 pounds into my bank account. My time has come. Anthony Ibe from the UK

26. My name is Israel Edeh from Italy. God has delivered me from a bitter mouth and two boils inside my mouth disappeared. This had been happening for over 8 months and has cost me a lot of money. Also, my boss increased my salary at work the same day I got that miracle. Praise God!

27. Good morning Sir, I’m from Maryland USA and I’m 17 years old. Sir I just want to give thanks to God for all the favors all around me. I got my first job with a pay of 15 dollar per hours which is really a huge starting pay. People just like me, help me and favour me for no reason. My time has come.

28. Good morning sir, I want to thank God for miracle money. I told God I want to experience what it means to have miracle money. I usually place my ATM card on the screen during the prayers. Yesterday at work, God used a patient of mine to bless me with N10.000. I didn’t expect it at all because I didn’t even know the person. Valentina Usifo

29. Good morning Papa, on day 4 of June edition of wonders without numbers. Papa prayed for miracle money and that day I went out to visit a friend in his shop and I received miracle money, people I never believe could give me money. My time has come.

30. Good morning papa, I am still in shock because of what God has done. I transferred a certain amount of money to a friend that was the only money in my account. I was debited and the person confirmed that he received the money and has withdrawn it. After 2 days, I opened my bank App and found the same amount of money I sent to my friend in my account. My time has come.

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