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Historical antecedents of Zikirullahi Ibrahim in TMG

Zikirullahi Ibrahim of TMG

Comrade Zikrullahi Ibrahim was brought to Transition Monitoring Group [TMG] for the first time in (2010) by Comrade Monshood Erubami who lobbied TMG leadership to have him slotted into TMG leadership role as member of Coordinating Committee, representing the media thematic areas from Lagos zone of South West. 

(South West comprises of Lagos, Oyo and Ogun State where Erubami represents in TMG )

This position is of Coordinating Committee membership by election; Comrade Erubami strived so hard to get Zikrullahi into TMG board-ship position of Coordinating Committee. 

Two years, later in 2012, the same Erubami paved way for Zikrullahi to become TMG Chair. 

Despite the resistance from membership of TMG Erubami has his way through the use of heavy weight TMG founding members, such as the present  Vice Chair Hajiya Limota Goroso Giwa, Elder Aaron Jacob, Eddy -Ezurike, Rommy Momm, virtually all the present Coordinating Committee members worked hard for him to emerged in Oyo State in 2012.

Monshood Erubami miscalculated at Oyo 2012BGM and misjudged Zikrullahi with his hidden agenda to ride on TMG to leadership position. But today, the truth has come out, and the chicken has come to be roasted. 

All his Coney characters and press releases to promote himself has come to an end.

Reasons why Zikrullahi should be investigated and suspended from TMG leadership along with his family members who are recruited as core TMG Staff. 

They are: 

1. Mr. Ali Shegiri – logistic officers his Cousin)

2. Mr. Arms free Ajanaku –  Media and Public relation manager (Niece)

3. Mr. Sanni Shuaib – Financial Manager (distance Uncle’s son)

4. Ms. Falilat Adamu– Program Officer (Aunty’s daughter)

5. Mr. John Omosun – Program Assistance (Mother’s sister first son)

Invite and investigate the aforementioned Staff, this will help reveal how Zikrullahi turn TMG into his family empire, sucked TMG resources throughout (2nd year) tenure (2013 to 2016).

1. To get to the roots of his corruption practices, please invite all TMG past and present (2012 to date)

2. Investigate his personal NGO Accounts

3. Investigate all suppliers and their connections to Staff and how money move in and out of their account from suppliers

4. Investigate the consultant who prepared (5) years strategic plans documents and proposal writing.

5. Investigate the hired External auditors and list of private consultants

6. Investigate his secretary and family business Account and the money used to pay deposit for his Abuja property in 2014/2015

7. Check money paid to his wife bank account and credit card open during his USA trip.

8. Investigate how vendors (Contractor) who printed 2015 election materials mistakenly paid (N10,000,000) meant for personal accounts of Zikrullahi into TMG official accounts

9. Investigate how NDI assist him for his said USA holiday family trip and his Saudi visit and visit to South Africa in 2015.

10. The rise and fall of Zikrullahi was due to arrogance, lack of respect for others, over ambition and greediness

To get to the root of his corruption practices investigate the followings:


1 How Zikrullahi suck TMG dry from 2012 to date in thousands of Dollars. [See built property bought in Abuja, Kano and Edo State within 2013 to 2015]

2 How Zikrullahi use his family members as chronicle circle to defraud TMG and NDI of thousands of Dollars. [See list of Staff and the logistic staff to finance]

3 How Zikrullahi relocate his NGO to Kano from Lagos to have access to Northern Nigeria NGO Funds, even though he is not a Northerner but from Edo State. [Check record from 2010 to date]

4 How Zikrullahi betrayed his mentor Monshood Erubami and reported him to EFCC/NDI for corruption and External Auditors for corruption on 2011 to 2012project shift counts. [See of project shift count received]

5 How NDI celebrated misjudge Zikrullahi  at TMG/AGM and BGM meetings, praising him as not corrupt. [See report of AGM and BGM and speech delivered by NDI]

6 How Zikrullahi terminated the appointment of (NC) Chibuike for selfish gains  to paved way for embezzlement of 2013 to 2015 election grants of (2,000,000 US Dollars)from USAIDS  grants. [See MOU of USAIDS grants and date of termination of NC]

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