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Hold Igbo Governors and Politicians Responsible for Ugly Plight of Ndigbo = ONYC 

As the pro-Biafrans groups agitate for a Biafran state , they should also ask themselves relevant questions on what our political leaders have been doing even with the little resources and allocation that have come to the South East since 1999 till date.

How have our representatives in the National Assembly made cases for our bad roads, infrastructural deficiencies and the numerous problems facing the area. Is it not their selfish aggrandisements that they have been pursuing all this while.

If Ndigbo are shouting of marginalisation  by successive federal government , what of our marginalsation by our own people and politicians.

We hold our politicians responsible for our plight inasmuch as successive governments at the centre have not done enough also to address the problems of the zone.

We warn our political leaders that we shall begin to deal decisively with them if they fail to use the even the allocations that  come to the zone to better the lot of our people. While IPOB  and MASSOB  castigate the federal government , they should also ask our politicians what they do with our allocation. What do they do with Security votes. Whom are they securing . Infact the federal government should abolish the security votes . How can a Governor take one billion Naira for himself alone unnaccounted to anybody while workers are not paid and millions of youths are unemployed. That is why our Governors can afford to be junketing overseas every time purporting to be looking for Investors but actually going to buy personal estates all over the world.

We shall soon expose all these  politicians that pocket our commonwealth for their insatiable palates. BUHARI is not our problem but our political leaders. But Buhari should not deny Ndigbo , especially the deprived Igbo youths their rights . Igbo youths are the worst treated by both their own political leaders and the federal government. We want our Youths and Youth leaders to be given due appointments and empowernment by the federal government.




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