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Hold NASS responsible for missing budget – Presidency


Buhari presenting 2016 budget to the National Assembly

Presidency on Tuesday said that the question of budget where about should be directed to National Assembly. 

The Senior Special Assistant to President, Alhaji Shehu Garba said in a reaction to the reports that the 2016 budget proposal was missing from the national assembly. 

The presidential spokesman explained that the tradition is that once the budget is passed, it ceases to be a property of the Presidency. 

Shehu emphasized that nobody, except President Buhari, could withdraw the budget. The presidential aide also stressed that the president had not withdrawn the budget.

 “Nobody, except the president, can withdraw the budget. As far as we know, he (the president) has not done that. The copies in their hundreds have been delivered to both chambers of the National Assembly. 

“By tradition, once the budget is submitted, it ceases to be our property.  Enquiries as to where it is should be directed to the appropriate quarters”, Shehu said.

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