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Honor Deal With Ifeanyi Ubah, APGA Group Warns Obiano

When we refused to become our brother's keeper



When we refused to become our brother’s keeper [A Poem]

What happened in Austria should stay in Austria.


The problem is that Austria has a different weather from Las Vegas, Enugu or Awka.

Agreements made in cold weather, often have a way of unraveling in hot weather.

That Winter jacket, Johnny, are not part of the warm weather.

The Equatorial region is terra firma, a different set of clothing,

Different reasoning

And reality.

The Austrian agreement unfroze as soon as the airplane crossed The Sahara desert.

Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu running to the Enugu Airport to welcome the National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Ozonkpu Victor Oye, was the utmost surprise.

The ultimate joker was announcing that she was running for the Anambra South Senatorial Constituency seat,

She could not have made that move without some assurance.

Ifeanyi Ubah was already in the arena

That Bull cannot be ignored.


We cannot become cornier than the Devil.

Welcome to the Trusted, the conniving and the ambitious.

A season of the Long Knives

Don’t make me over.

APGA may never be caught in such connivance.

It’s never worked for APGA.

The only thing that got APGA this far, is the TRUTH.

Yes, the TRUTH!

Oh Yes! The APGA Electorate loves that stuff

Say it the way It is, Plain and simple.

Not money, not individuals, but the hardcore APGAN/Igboman looking deep down

and telling himself how he wants Nigeria to work for him

And how APGA should represent that view for him

Whether APGA will like to pursue that goal is another matter.

That is why the average Igbo politician will always come back to APGA

To re-energize the point forward

Like Rochas Okorocha told them a long time ago,

“We are APGA before any Party.”

The keepers of the APGA flame must be wise beyond their years.

Regarding who, and why they accommodate

At the APGA THINK-TANK NIGERIA, we refuse the APGA become convenience.

Tapes circulating on the Intenet, Facebook and Texts do not favor the APGA brain trust.

They have lost some goodwill.

Of Governor Obiano clearly asking Ifeanyi Ubah to help his 2017 re-election campaign,

That time was of the essence,

When the Coach wanders at night,

There is always trouble in the camp, for the team

Some desperation.

Of Chief Victor Umeh verbally re-assuring compensation, that the Governor, as the Leader of the APGA National Party, had the knife, the yam and Farm land

‘Could apportion same as he wished,

The implication was that the Governor’s word was as good as gold

All this in front of Ebube Muonso

Holy Ghost! Fire!

And if they do not begin to make deep spiritual recompense, to their uttered word, APGA as we know it is over.

Chief Victor Umeh worked so hard to showcase, then become part and parcel of the Obiano camp.

He principally carried the torch for an Obiano Leadership as Governor and Party Leader,

He sold Obiano to the party faithful

The Stoic and Republican Igbo

A promise of faithful leadership.

The Word.

Whether he knows it or not, his repute is at stake,

Reneging on agreement – especially to the Party faithful, was not part of the bill of sale

That is not APGA.

Peter Obi has nothing to do with this

Using a technicality to disqualify a party faithful is the oldest trick in the book.

There are ways to make exemptions and accommodate

Part of our echelon was not even APGA for a day

but they sit on our highest dais

Unnecessary resentment cannot be added to the APGA reserve

APGA may not rep from that.

When ex-Governor Peter Obi said that certain people did not honor an agreement,

Most APGANS and Anambrarians laughed off a man who agreed with nobody.

Governor Obiano however acknowledged there was one.

He pleaded a case for non-fulfilment

The common purse

When Ifeanyi said he was being railroaded by the same Governor,

That is another kettle of fish

It was the unsolicited/solicited word of one man to the other

Honor, is the stuff of APGA

There are no thieves here.

Ifeanyi Ubah has the sympathy of the APGA voter,

and the average hardworking Igbo man

They understand what it took to make his progress,

The Igboman understands that breakthrough in Nigeria.

Ifeanyi Ubah can only be encouraged, not disdained

Ifeanyi however, has to learn to sit still.

Chief Cletus Ibeto standing in front of the Obi Nnewi to re-state privately reached agreements,

does not put Governor Obiano in Good light.

Ibeto may not belong to APGA,

but he is representative of the maligned Igbo business and political class in Nigeria,

which APGA is supposed to represent their interests, and speak on behalf of.

And which APGA to the chagrin of all, is not.

When Ibeto now begins to state that – not the Federal Government, but our own, cannot keep agreements reached in private,

It affects the effectiveness of APGA to be that resident voice which may speak on behalf of the disenfranchised Igbo man.

Ibeto may not be taken lightly.

His travails, like Ifeanyi’s, are in open view.

APGA may not step on their gaping sore

Fellow Igbos wince at their pain,

The glass ceiling on their ambition.

A transactional leadership which seems conscienceless,

But only follows the money, cannot work for APGA.

Whether they know it or not, they carry the ethos of a people Word.

They must honor an understanding between us

Charity begins at home

That is who we are

Our brother’s keeper.

Ifeanyi may be his own worst enemy,

jumping from pillar to post does not make him a stable political character.

But, he is human and Nigerian.

His History is however positively replete with keeping political faith

with any he has aligned with.

Unbeknownst, or known to him, he has the background to do that,

Others are still walking the Maslow’s hierarchy.

Ifeanyi represents the apex business class symbolic of the Igbo enterprise in Nigeria.

He is emblematic of our success.

If there were overtures made to him to join the APGA stable during the re-election campaign,

They should be kept.

We need Ifeanyi in our midst.

Not outside.


We will encourage Ifeanyi to a better and wholesome feasibility study

Looking only at the profit margin is not to the speculator’s advantage,

His handlers should have pointed out the ‘loss’ column

It is our opinion that Ifeanyi failed to look at that page

That oversight should never have happened

Euphoria must always be in very thin supply

He has not done that homework.

That is why the current issue is in the public domain

APGA is not PDP.

That Party of the double-cross

The average APGA partisan wants none of that for APGA

That singular move cost Chekwas Okorie.

He has not recovered.

At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, we refuse to outsmart ourselves

We remain our brother’s keeper.

Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu does not need a Senate seat from APGA being used to spearhead an internecine battle which destroys all leaves her no legacy, only resentment.

She is the Mother of the Party, and an influential one at that.

Resident goodwill for her is unparalleled in the Igbo nation,

A mild trepidation follows her sojourn in any Nigerian social or political circle

Gburugburu left some of that

There are other ways to parlay that influence,

or maybe not.

What would have been wonderful was to watch her campaign with Ifeanyi Ubah

to garner that seat for APGA.

And gradually do the same, for other APGA contestants, elsewhere.

Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu could take a page from Mrs. Josephine Anenih of the PDP.

She can look you in the eye and set you straight anytime.

In the APGA, we need that resident, consistent consiglieri.

Nobody forgets Bianca Ojukwu, or what she said.


That is the problem with the Igbo political class,

We are always outsmarting ourselves, then wimping out at the big fight.

Cletus Ibeto and Ifeanyi Ubah cannot become APGA Adversaries.

PDP’s Chris Uba is beating his chest somewhere,

and nodding his head to some Godfather tune.

Like he told his Senior brother a long time ago,

“You don’t know this people.”

The Uba brothers are not sleeping.

APGA may simply be clearing the way for them

There is now no difference between the APGA and the other parties

Users, ALL.

Chris Uba will have no qualms riding into town with Sirens blazing.

“I told you so.”

Ifeanyi Ubah may now truly understand the wisdom of not changing the APGA motto.

“Nkea bu Nke anyi”,  is boomeranging in his face,

They refused to interpret it as “Nkea bu nke gi”,

A true disappointment of sorts

Ifeanyi now truly wishes for the original

“Be your brother’s keeper.”

Which brother?


We say, Stop this hemorrhage of goodwill!

Give unto Caesar, what is Caesars’,

And unto the Lord, The Lords’.

Like our APGA motto,

We must remain our brother, and sister’s keeper.

Onye aghala nwanne ya.

That is the APGA cornerstone.

Policy directorate,


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