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How A Physically Challenged Ghanaian Woman Lost Home She Suffered To Build

Kalu Nwokoro Idika


Some times, one can hardly comprehend the legal fire works that has overtaken the Judiciary system in Africa. Court decisions however are becoming increasingly difficult to comprehend.

The story of Mrs Cosmos Rita, a widow who is also physically challenged has left millions of people wondering if the Judiciary is still the last hope of the common man.

Mrs Cosmos Rita, who comes from Ghana, has thirsted a bitter pill served by a Judge who doesn’t want to understand the pain it took a poor widow to build a four bedroom apartment.

Physically challenged Rita Cosmos has worked so assiduously to build a four bedroom apartment on a plot of land she bought from her brother.

But after developing the land with her hard earned money, the brother criminally went through the back and sold the land together with the building to another client without her knowledge.

Surprisingly, the new client mischievously ordered Rita to leave the house. Moreover, when the case was taken to the court, the Judge presiding over the matter ruled in favour of the new client that bought the property without proper investigation.

When Crime Check Foundation, a Non Governmental Organisation that took over the case inquired from the poor widow why the Judge ruled against her in the case, Rita who was in a pool of tears said, is because the receipt the brother issued to her when she bought the land is missing. Mrs Rita could not present it in the court.

Based on the fact that the receipt acknowledging she bought the land from her brother is not in sight, Rita has vacated the house and presently on the street with her three children. A house owner has ended up becoming homeless because of greed and wickedness.

The tears and pain of Mrs Rita Cosmos cannot be quantified in words. A poor widow perhaps has become a victim of a legal fiasco.

When this journalist contacted Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, a representative of Crime Check Foundation to comment on this issue, he could not be reached. But an insider informed this reporter that he travelled to Egypt for an important assignment.

More details will be made available on the case.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a Political Analyst, Investigative and Freelance Journalist

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