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How BNG addressed activities of unknown gunmen


To the seasoned agitators; Biafra National Guard founded by retired General Innocent Orji is the deal when it comes to restoring Biafra in a specific way. If Biafra could come peacefully; by now, we would have long been a decade old nation. But as long as Biafra cannot willingly be left to take back her sovereignty- as long as Nigeria is determined to protect her sovereignty- Biafra National Guard is the deal.

When it comes to arms; the only institution with a track record is Biafra National Guard and also the only institution that is working with the charter drafted with the help of late Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. Consequently; in 2007, BNG launched the first government contained in the three governments of the charter- Biafran Shadow Government was launched and well documented in 2007- the launch of Biafra Shadow Government led to ten years imprisonment of the founder and former leader of BNG, retired General Innocent Orji.

In 2018; BNG launched Biafran Transitional Government which was well documented as well. The launch of BTG led to the formation of parliaments (upper and lower chambers) appointment of adjutants; appointment of new spokesman and ultimately, the subsequent resignation of now retired General Innocent Orji. The launch of Biafran Transitional Government was more of internal setting up of arms of the transitioning government of Biafra. But recently; a military flag of authority announced physical arrival of BNG.

Few months ago when arms saturated Southeast and political but geographical impossible Southsouth and killing of Nigerian security personnel became the order of the day, it was almost impossible to happen without the consent of BNG until it dawned on us BNG was not behind the move. I received multiple calls probing the involvement of BNG because BNG commands respect and is capable of confrontation going by the antecedents of the institution.

After my investigation which I declined to make public; Unknown Gun Men are groups of frustrated Biafrans who felt betrayed by civilian leaders and felt taking up arms was the only solution to their frustration. The activities of Unknown Gun Men became unstoppable to the point no one could control them. Sending an email to BNG for their reaction was the bravest thing I did and the reaction came in- BNG was critical of the activities of UGM but indicated they would stop but not for the meantime (then).

As soon as the Biafran military flag of authority was hoisted on 30th of May 2021; the activities of UGM drastically minimized- died per say. Abba Kyari- an overrated super cop was credited for the sudden end to the activities of UGM but those portraying him as the Messiah forgot that the man only operates in Imo state while Unknown Gun Men operate in every state. So; why did UGM stop activities in Abia state, Anambra state, Enugu, Delta, Akwaibom, Rivers etcetera where the so-called super cop is non-existing?

Activities of Unknown Gun Men minimized across Southeast and Southsouth because of the confidence in BNG. By hoisting Biafran military flag of authority; UGM and informed agitators know that BNG is not an institution to joke with and instead of continue to go on tactless mission or vent anger, they decided to wait for the purpose of BNG?

The flag hoisted passed a louder message than we thought; belief is back and frustrated agitators can see through the veil that there is opportunity to strategically restore Biafra than continue to constitute a nuisance with Ak47 in the name of fighting for Biafra. As an investigative journalist; I manage the information I disseminate to avoid causing panic but the truth is, BNG has taken over with just one public action. If UGM could sheath their sword and seek the guidance of BNG because a military flag of authority was hoisted, what then happens when action takes place?

It might still look unclear to you but BNG is a big masquerade and when the big masquerade makes a bow; the town stands still. UGM are standing still because a light of hope has been seen.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Independent/Investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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