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How Chris Azubogu Blatantly Refused Me Identification Letter For My I.T

By Obinna Udegbunam


My experience with Chris Azubogu, my Representative at the Federal House that blatantly refused to give me identification letter for my I.T. at Abuja in 2017

Have gotten many phone calls from some prominent people about the truth behind the publication of how Hon. Chris Azubogu refused to help me out with common identification letter made by OPARAOCHA SHARON which Chris Azubogu have contacted some persons and told them he don’t know me, so I will go in details to explicitly divulge to all what happened.

On 2017 was when I did my I.T, which was initially planned and approved at Capital Oil and Gas depot ICT department by the Boss himself whom I called, he picked at once and after hearing me, immediately approved me and told me to go submit my I.T letter.

It was after submitting the I.T Letter that NNPC started having issues with Capital Oil and gas depot.

My calling up for the I.T was then delayed that I meet Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah after a football match at his international stadium and still, he politely told me to exercise patience and also handed me some cash for up keep because he understands at all times the situation of things with his people.

It was when Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah was invited to the DSS Abuja that I also left to Abuja in solidarity for Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah my brother and then was ready to even risk whatever for him.

He is so kind and I have not seen a multi billionaire that comes down to the ground to genuinely relate with the poor and needy without protocols.

Then I spent a month at Abuja and then was told by my cousin I was at his house in Abuja to call Hon. Chris Azubogu for identification letter to look for where to at least start the I.T instead of staying idle in Abuja.

I found the suggestion reasonable enough so I called Hon. Chris Azubogu up to 4 times before he could pick, I greeted and told him whom I am (My family, UDEGBUNAM family is the former Obi Umudim and currently Obi Ebeleogo is a popular and royal family in Nnewi) then he asked boldly how he may help me.

I went future to explain to him that I want to come to his office for identification letter to look for where to do my I.T, he first asked me where I am, I told him I stay in same Abuja with him, the next thing he said was that, “WHY NOT GO AND DO YOUR I.T IN NNEWI?”

I couldn’t believe I heard that from Azubogu. I asked myself: “Upon all the good companies and government institutions here in Abuja I can easily be accepted for the I.T with the identification letter, yet my brother wants me to go back to the village even when am staying in Abuja…

Does it mean that my brother and my Representative don’t want the best for me?

Well above all, he said OK that I should call him the next day, the next day I called up to 3 times again before he could pick and answered with angry tone that he is in a meeting and hung the call.

Upon all these my cousins were all laughing at me and ready to bet with their lives if I ever get a single help from Azubogu they’ve known to be very tricky and selfish, he only wants his own progress and no other person.

I never called him again as I was expecting to hear from him until when he sent me a message on my former Facebook messenger to call one certain number about the letter, I became anxious and called the man who refused to pick for so many times.

He later picked and I told him who gave me his phone number and what I wanted, he immediately told me that he is not around for that and hung the call, I started calling Chris again but he did not pick and then I returned to messenger to explain what happened.

He didn’t not even read my message again, It wasn’t too long after that when Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah returned back to his house at Maitama, I was very happy that I didn’t tell him that I was coming to his house and it was my first time then in 2017.

Immediately I got to his house, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah was driving out his house and saw me at the gate, with the experience I had with Chris Azubogu, I was scared that he would shout at me for coming to his house uninvited.

But I reached at cloud nine when the masses Senator, a man that knows exactly the heart of his people slowed down, wore a big smile on his face that I came looking for him at his house and asked me to come inside his car and join him that he is going out already.

I could not believe it… who does that? If it’s not a man that has unimaginable love for his people, a man who does not discriminate, the people’s billionaire and the hope for the hopeless.

Where I followed him to is a place am not even worthy to go with him, but at the same time he couldn’t afford to send me out or keep me waiting since he didn’t know when he’s coming back home.

it was one of the top and strong politicians in Nigeria Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah took me with him to his house.

Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah does this to anyone, he doesn’t have anybody more special, he treats the least person the way he would treat the ones at the top, in fact he gives more attention to the needy than whoever and he even deserved to be a governor by merit.

However, after all that, I lost my former account and later opened new Facebook account and tried adding Chris Azubogu back but he refused to accept my friend request again till date as he knew exactly what he did to me.

I later meet with Chris Azubogu one on one at Joe Obijiaku’s (Middle Point) son traditional wedding at Nibo where after greeting him, tried to relate with him that I was the Obinna Udegbunam that he couldn’t help at Abuja with identification letter.

Chris Azubogu immediately embarrassed me in the public as he angrily shouted at me whether that place is his office, that was my ugly and about his financial involvement to my family crisis I deliberate on, later as I will continue fighting for my right.

It was a very devastating experience with so called Mr Project of 8 years representation of no structural means of aiding his constituents problems or where the poor are earning a living from.

I, my siblings, my relatives and community cannot point out anything we achieved or benefited for the past eight years from Chris Azubogu’s Office as our representative at the Federal House.

Many of the skillful youths, talented youths and some educated ones are all labourers today in Ebeleogo my community, no tangible empowerments, no skill acquisition centre, no loaning scheme for our business parents.

Yet Chris Azubogu is answering Mr. Project because he bought laptops for 40 people and taught them how to do typewriting on MS word and how to design on CorelDraw… what a ten year old child can do by himself in this 21st century!

Joined with his micromanaged roads constructed at obvious places in various villages in his constituency and snapped to be diverting attention in a nation of poverty capital… He is indeed very tricky and selfish!

A sane person would ask: Is that a genuine help one can give to people dying in poverty? How does that reduce or contribute to the annihilation of the unspeakable rate of poverty in our society?

How does those roads pay hospital bills of poor masses that keep dying every day at his constituency for lack of funds? How does those roads create job opportunities? How does those roads develop skills?

How does those roads give scholarships to the indigents? How does those roads contribute to farmer at Ekwusigo? How does those roads help businesses men and women in Nnewi North and South?

How many people did Chris Azubogu bought car for, that will be enjoying those roads? What has Chris Azubogu done with billions of our constituency money for the past 8 years?

Yes, Chris Azubogu and Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah are brothers but hence the two are politicians and coming out to contest for a post, we the masses will compare and contrast and go for the best…

In other words, one can’t be chasing shadows and be looking for help where there is none, the OneMoreShot remains sacrosanct and the Hope of the masses.

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