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How CJN Onnoghen Made Billions From Agro-Business

By Umar Sani


When allegations are bandied about  that the CJN Walter Nkanu Onnoghen has 3 million dollars in his account and scream blue murder it is a product of ignorance.

I spoke to a Friend whose wife is a Judge in the state.

A state Judge earns at least 50,000 USD on estacode and medical expenses abroad annually. They attend conferences abroad and are paid in dollars, pounds etc.

The CJN has been a Supreme Court Justice for years.

He has a poultry farm that produces between 400, 000 to 500,000 eggs daily.

That is about 15,000 crates a day.

At 800 naira per crate, he makes 12 million naira every blessed day on eggs alone.

In a month, that is 360 millions, in a year, it is 4.2 billion naira.

Birds usually lay  about 60 to 80%.

At 500,000 eggs, you have roughly 700,000 old layers to sell at the end of the year.

At 1200 naira each, that translate into 840 million naira.

Not to talk about selling poultry droppings at 500/bag.

My friend who has 500 hens produces 25 bags of droppings every 2 weeks.

Chicken poo poo alone can fetch him up to 35 million naira in a month.

In addition he has cattle ranches and several agribusinesses.

3 million us dollars said to be found in his combined account is 1   billion naira  which is far less than 4.2 billion he makes from selling eggs alone  in one year.

Or does the law ban you from investing your hard earned money? This is minus selling fish, yams, beans, egusi etc.

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