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How dare C’River lawmakers reject the Lagos-Calabar rail project!

It is unbelievable, inconceivable and outrageous that members of the National Assembly ( comprising eight members of the House of Representatives and three Senators) are among members of the National Assembly that voted in favour of the removal of the proposed Lagos-Calabar Railway Line Project from the 2016 Appropriation Bill (otherwise known as 2016 budget).

Details of the project were sent to President Muhammadu Buhari for his assent in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. 

Okoi Obono-OblaUpon studying of the details, President Buhari and the Executive Council of the Federation curiously discovered that the National Assembly has fundamentally distorted and indeed removed so many projects that were intended to ameliorate the plight of the common people. 

The author, Okoi Obono-Obla

One of such projects is the proposed Lagos-Calabar Rail Line!

It is unpardonable that any member of the National Assembly from Cross River State would vote against the inclusion of the proposed Lagos-Calabar Rail Line in the 2016 National Budget! 

These members of the National Assembly are really self-serving and selfish! 

They must be call to order by members of their constituents! 

It is pertinent to note that the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance is Senator John Eno Owan who is representing Cross River Central Senatorial District in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that played a central role in the Senate of the Appropriation Bill by the National Assembly!

Senator Owan owes the people of Cross River State more explanation! 

The three Senators representing Cross River State in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are: 

– Senator Gershom  Bassey ( Cross River South) ; 

– Dr. Mrs. Rose Oko (Cross River North), and,

– Senator John Owan Eno (Cross River Central). 

In the House of Representatives, Cross River State has eight representatives. 

They are:

– Rep. Eta Mbora; 

– Rep. Essien Aye; 

– Rep. Daniel Asuquo; 

– Rep. Bassey Eko Ewa; 

– Rep. Ajom Jarigbe Agom; 

– Rep. Legor Idagbo ; 

– Rep. Chris Aigbe, etc. 

I loud wonder why any member of the National Assembly from Cross River State in particular and the South/South region in general would oppose such a strategic and crucial project such as the Lagos-Calabar Railroad project under any stretch of imagination if not for selfishness and lack of vision and petty politics!   

Okoi Obono-Obla 

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