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How Deji Adeyanju Misfired Big Time —Adenuga

The recent vituperations of the misguided and opposition sponsored so-called activist Mr. Deji Adeyanju has been described as “the level of desperation and even the frustration of the opposition and the manifest failures of their antics which are aimed at destabilizing the present government.”

Mr. Segun Adenuga in a statement made available to journalists in Lagos today said “Adeyenju has taken to expressing his anger and frustration through insults by calling whoever supports Buhari a Bastard. He equally poured invectives on his fellow traveler of the IPOB leader, Nnamdo Kanu. Sanity had indeed departed from this misguided neophyte.”

Text of the statement reads:

“Genuine activists and true revolutionaries use sane and convincing language in order to win as many people as possible to their side. But mercenaries who disguise as activists insult the very people whose interest they purport to advance. Those who descend to the use of insults and gutter language are simply displaying their frustrations borne out of inability to fulfill a self-centered agenda. That is exactly the case of Deji Adeyenju. As a mercenary, he had always been a beneficiary of an arrangement that provides him money as incentive to parade as an activist. And because such monies are free and unaccounted for he became has grown and quiet accustomed to it. But recently things went terribly awry. He lost the money, he lost the show and lost his sanity thereby insulting persons he ought to pursue and turned into his foot soldiers.

“The recent images of his being rescued by the Police from the hands of some mob,his own mob he freely mobilized to the street for his own selfish interest, was an operation gone bad this time around. Adeyenju is known to always visit his sponsors prior to such operations. He collects huge sums of money and promises to deliver. What he does is to rent a crowd and display his hate filled misguided activity as genuine protest of concerned citizens of the country.

“Unfortunately, the rented crowd is often either shortchanged or out rightly cheated. Their due is not always given to them. This time around, he did but never left the arena unscathed as usual on that fateful day. He promised, he collected down payment from his paid masters but failed to deliver.

“Unknown to him those he usually rents wanted to show him that their ‘mumu don do’. They came to the venue and rough handled him, a sort of pay back that he least anticipate. Yet will go long way to affect is odous business for a long time. As a proof that their target was Adeyenju, they never went after anyone else. It was him and him alone they were after. All the others present were spared. Adeyenju was the target, he was the contractor. The man with their money. It was a contract gone terribly wrong. His sponsors were not happy that he didn’t deliver the impact promised, his boys, the ones he rents are for this type of operation were after him. It was a double blow; he lost the remaining part of the contract money and he gained the anger of the crowd he usually rents. No rest for the wicked.

“The likes of Adeyenju are better ignored. But would he own mob ignore him? That is different ball game entirely. But i know the four categories of Nigerians he has been working for. They are as follows:

“Those who contested with President Buhari and lost the contest as a result of rejection by the people but who think they can destabilize the system and make it ungovernable for the President. They are willing to go to any length including calling for “days of rage and sorrow” just to make their point. Among them are cowards who remain in the background manipulating the foolhardy in order to confuse the gullible.

“The second group are those who have lost their privileged positions which they were using to rape the Nation and plunder our national assets. This group had always tied their fortunes to the umbilical cord of the nation’s wealth, milking it dry for their selfish needs only. Now the chances to do so have narrowed so thinly that nothing really flows. They are ready to destroy everything rather than get nothing.

“There are the religious bigots who at the slightest opportunity align with narcissist, hate mongers and fellow travelers within and outside the country to try to bring down the government. Their anger is borne out of loss of privileges and the unsolicited resources that go with it.

“Another group is made up of misguided mercenaries for hire ready and willing to do the dirty jobs of all the others. This is where the likes of Adeyenju belong. They take contract to rent a crowd and provide a show of shame in order to get paid.

“This time around those rented had revolted and the sponsors have not paid up the balance. The soldier of Fortune is angry and frustrated. His answer is to rain insults, be very abusive and fake illnesses that do not exist. There is indeed no peace for the wicked. To plunge the Country into crisis and jump off to meet their pay masters in America and Dubai was the goal. But it failed.

And on a final note, right from our childhood we were told that “those who insult others are actually insulting themselves” those who call others ‘Bastards’ are actually the real bastards who wished everyone was like them.”

Segun Adenuga
Lagos State

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