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How ESN almost dislodged joint task force in Orlu before their final defeat ~ Investigation


There seems to be more about what transpired in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State between Eastern Security Network (ESN) and the combined team of Nigeria security forces.

ESN personnel in action

Recall that Orlu in Imo State has been in the news of late after the military invaded the community in search of Eastern Security Network which was accused by the state government of attacking and killing some security personnel and innocent civilians.

Investigation by ElombahNews shows that Eastern Security Network almost dislodged the joint task force that was sent to Orlu.

A security source authoritatively told ElombahNews that dislodging IPOB-led militia group from Orlu forest wasn’t a child’s play. It took a concerted effort before Eastern Security Network could be pushed out from their stronghold.

The security source said, “When we were mobilized to Orlu, we believed it will be an easy operation because many of us thought that the boys doesn’t know much about warfare but to our greatest surprise, we met a very strong resistance.

“The first day we launched attack in their camp, we saw hell. These boys responded with full force. We were pushed back. If not for the call for reinforcement and Airforce jet that carried out a coordinated airstrikes in their camp, flushing out the outlawed security organization would have been a mirage.

“The way they responded to our fire power, their strategy and fearlessness was a serious concern to the commander that led the joint operation.

When the source was asked if there were casualties during the operation, it said, “Yes, there were causalities. Some of our men were seriously injured, though we decimated them totally before they finally retreated and deserted their camp”.

A source from the outlawed organization that also spoke with ElombahNews said what happened in Orlu was only a tip of an iceberg and that Eastern Security Network will reinforce again to show the Nigerian government that the region cannot be intimidated again.

“Let me tell you, the Nigerian government with their Imo counterpart think Eastern Security Network has been defeated after the joint task force operation that was carried out in Orlu. This is just the beginning. ESN has come to stay and there is nothing anybody can do about it”.

Since the Nigerian army declared that ESN has been flushed out of Orlu forest, there is another dimension to the security situation in the region as unknown gunmen keep attacking police formations and carting away weapons.

However, no group have been able to claim responsibility for the incessant attacks but it appears that the police, army and other sister security agencies are helpless at the moment.

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