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How far can a man of god see in prophecy? My prison experience

One of the remarkable prison visitation I would never forget is that by a man of God who visited me with his assistant pastor within the first one week of my imprisonment.

They prayed and prayed until they raised their voices like a taxiing aircraft and suddenly and almost simultaneously took off in the spirit as would a passenger aircraft at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.

After a journey in the spirit, they landed at the same spot and shouted “in Jesus name!” and I responded “Amen!”

“Brother Anayo, you would be released within two weeks!” one of the pastors said. I looked at him with surprise.

“Pastor, why not inquire for the correct release date because two weeks from now is not feasible because my appeal argument is yet to be filed. I don’t even have an appeal number as we are still having difficulties getting the judge to release the certified true copy of her judgement”, I protested but Pastor Goodman would not hear of that.

“Anayo, don’t be faithless! Just believe!” he thundered and rounded up his prayers. He opened his bible and showed me how Peter, Paul and Silas were released from prison by God’s angels.

I said an unsure Amen to the generous prayers of my pastor friends who promised as they were leaving that they would come again to see but they never did. I righteously guessed COVID-19 prevented them from visiting me again and to deal with Prince Persia withholding their answered prayer for me.

I felt bad for the two prophets, when two weeks passed and I was not released. I knew it was an audacious and faith tempting prophecy. I had not even got an appeal court hearing date. I remembered Pastor TB Joshua and Corona virus prediction. I suspected that my pastor friend didn’t listen well to the speaker because I heard him well.

That was how I, as a desperate woman looking for the fruit of the womb, kept playing host to many well wishing pastors, priests of Catholic and Anglican churches. Some close relatives who believed in traditional religion also prayed for me with nzu and kolanuts to our ancestors.

There were three men of God that correctly predicted when I would be released. One of them, an Anglican priest, Rev. Canon Emeka Anosike was more daring. He staked his reputation and his cassock by asking congregation Umuezenwegbu not to regard him as priest if I don’t come out before the end of April 2020. And it happened.

I am now in a dilemma.

Many people of God are now claiming that they saw my release. While most of them saw leaving the gulag in their dream, others saw me in a trance. I too dreamt of being flown out of the prison by angels using a passenger drone. I too was told the date.

At the home front, my sister-in-law is leading the pack of those who saw me released but didn’t see the date. I don’t doubt them.

To all the people of God that prayed me out of prison, I thank you. Your prayers did it.

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