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How Governor Obiano embezzled N75b in two years

What are you still defending in Obiano if you have conscience and love Anambra State ? … #Correction2017

N37billion in various bank accounts handed over to Gov Obiano in our local banks accounts vanished without explanation … I will write on other balance in savings and investments later .

By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia.

Take your time and read :


The banks/Account number of banks where they were as at March 17th, 2014, for I do not know where they are now

A. Fidelity Bank:

   (1)Account Name: School Borehole Project Account;

  * Account No: 5030025215;                 

*amount : N115,811,677.65 

  (2) Account Name: Anambra State School Development Project Account; 

   *Account No: 5030025246;

   **amount = N354,334,833.51.

  (3)Account Name: Ministry of Commerce and Industry;

**Account No: 5030005521;

** amount  N820,649,577.74

   (4) Account Name: Special Excess Crude Account;

   ** Account No: 5030005239;

**amount =N2,072,864,334.98

    (5)Account Name: Anambra State Special Project Account;

    **Account No: 5030005332;

  **amount= N101,906,722.45

   (6)Account Name: Ministry of Works;


     ** Account No: 5030005514;

     **amount = N2,403,862,359.89

    (7)Account Name: Anambra Strategic Reserve Account;

     **Account No: 5030025875;     

    **amount= N808,099,248.30

   (8)Account Name: FAAC Statutory Account;

    **Account No: 5030026223;

    **amount= N918,663,651.06

    (9)Account Name: Direct Labour Account;

     **Account No: 5030025545;

     **amount = N2,029,706,380.45

    (10)Account Name: Ministry of Education Account;  

   ** Account No: 5030005772; 

    **amount= N142,748,067.90

      (11)Account Name: MDG Set Aside Project Account;

     ** Account No: 5030042724; 

     **amount= N199,024,262.09

     (12)Account Name: MDG Set Aside Project Account;

      ** Account No: 5030042731;

     ** amount= N199,024,262.09

      (13)Account Name: MDG Set Aside Project Account; 

     **Account No: 5030042748;

    ** amount= N199,024,262.09

     (14)Account Name: MDG Set Aside Project Account;

     **Account No: 5030042755;

     **amount= N199,024,262.09

    (15)Account Name: MDG Set Aside Project Account;

     ** Account No: 5030042762;

    **amount= N199,024,262.09

     (16)Account Name: MDG Set Aside Project Account;

      ** Account No: 5030042717;

      ** amount= N199,024,262.09

(17)Account Name: Ministry of public Utilities/ Water Resources Account;

      ** Account No:     5030045428;

      **amount= N209,420,221.47

(18)Account Name: Local Govt Community Development Account;

       **Account No: 5030042391;

        ***amount= N1,734,069,061.09

(19)Account Name: Anambra State Account,

     ** Account No: 5030047097;

      ***amount= N3,048,355,196.79

TOTAL IN Fidelity Bank as at March 17th, 2014 was =N19, 354,182,155.9 (Nineteen Billion, Three hundred and fifty four Million, One Hundred and Eighty-two thousand, One hundred and Fifty-five Hundred and Nine Naira.


    (1)Account Name: Joint Account;

       **Account No: 0022404540; 

       ***amount N3,276,354,490.46

(2)Account Name: UBE Matching Grant Account;  

       **Account No: 0031151473;

        ***amount N2,101,864,766.68

(3)Account Name: UBE Matching Grant Account;

      ** Account No: 0023484282;

       ***amount N1,614,405,750.64

(4)Account Name: 2012 MDG Account;

     **Account No: 0029605487;

     ***amount N191,463,796.49 

(5)Account Name: Ministry of Education Account;

         **Account No: 0036410070;

        ***amount= N536,385,407.85

(6)Account Name: Anambra State Subsidy Account; 

           **Account No: 0026290200;

            ***amount= N5,126,258,908.72

TOTAL IS : N12,846,733,120.8

C Enterprise Bank (Now Heritage):

(1)Account Name: Anambra state local Govt Edu. Set Aside A/C;

           **Account No 1400034787,

          ***amount = N189,990,550

(2)Account name : Ministry of Youth and Sports Account;

               **Account No:  1400036145,

             *** amount= N567,904,301.24

(3)Account Name : Permanent Secretary Govt House, Awka, Account;

          **Account no: 1400036138 .

           *** Amount= 1,928,596,191.25

Total is: N2,686,491,042.49 (Two Billion, Six Hundred and Eighty-Six Million, Four Hundred and Ninety-one thousand, Forty-two hundred and forty-nine kobo)

4. First Bank :

   (1)Name of Account: EF/IGR Consolidated Account ,

       ** Account no: 2018779464;

        ***Amount = N2,139,951,400.00

Total is N2,139,951,400.00

As at March, 17th 2014

1. Money in local currency(Fidelity) 19, 354,182,155.9

2. Money in local currency(Diamond) 12,846,733,120.8

3. Money in local currency( Enterprise, now Heritage ) 2,686,491,042.49

4. Money in local currency (First Bank) 2,139,951,400.00 


(Thirty Seven Billion, Twenty Seven Million, Three Hundred and Fifty-Seven Thousand, Seven Hundred and Nineteen Hundred, one Kobo .

Then you ask yourself, where did this Governor and the cabal around him kept the money ?

The worst is that he went into borrowing ,yet we can’t locate its utilization !

It is now obvious that we made mistake in 2013 , and have to correct it in 2017.


Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia©2016

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