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How has Solomon left the Nigeria police Force?


How has Solomon left the Nigeria police Force? By Emmanuel Onwubiko

This Nigeria Police Force is indeed a failed contraption! Only meaningful and surgical overhaul and fundamental reforms can at best rescue Nigerians – Onwubiko

The name Solomon as we know it from the Holy Bible depicts a leader that possessed strong will and courage. 

The name depicts a man who was wise. A man who could give impartial judgments that can stand the test of time.

But why the reference to King Solomon of the Bible era? Well in Nigeria there is a peculiar Solomon who literally became the ‘King’ of the Nigeria Police Force for nearly two years.

Today June 21st, 2016, this Solomon left office as the Chief Law enforcement officer of Nigeria but not without enjoying the rare privilege of a Presidential Dinner and handshake before he picks up his retirement benefits. 

So Monday June 20th 2016 was the appreciation dinner hosted by President Muhammadu Buhari for the just retired Police Chief.

In the conviviality of the Presidential ambience the Media Advisor of President Buhari took some photographs from the scene of the dinner or what I have chosen to call ‘last supper’.   

I took an introspective look at the photographs of Mr. Solomon Arase at a last ‘supper’ with President Muhammadu Buhari on June 20th, 2016 and what I deciphered is a man who obviously knows that he has disappointed most Nigerians who raised the bar of expectations some few months ago when on the twilight of the immediate past federal government, President Goodluck Jonathan named him the Inspector General.

Those who were at that dinner alongside the just retired Inspector General of Police were so pleased that he did the bidding of a section of the country by not strictly enforcing the law to stop the marauding armed Fulani Terrorists from killing off a lot of farmers.

My observation of those photographs uploaded on the social media platform by the special media adviser to the President Mr. Femi Adeshina also revealed a man who wasn’t properly at peace with himself. 

Sadly, for a man whose name bears symbolism that ought to mark him apart as a wise man he was obviously caught napping on many occasions and on two occasions when he should have distinguished himself as a no-nonsense Chief Law enforcement officer of Nigeria or police chief, he blew both opportunities up. 

These were when the 14 year old Miss Ese Oruru who was abducted by the 25 Kano State born Dahiru Yellow and bundled from Bayelsa to Kano State, the police authority left this unfortunate Nigerian girl child to be wantonly abused and sexually exploited for months. 

When the press and Civil Society groups  mounted pressure, the then Inspector General of Public Mr. Solomon Arase was quoted in the media as admitting that though the abducted teenage girl was seen in the Emir of Kano’s Palace but that he needs to speak to the Emir who was in far way Saudi Arabia for lesser Hajj with President Muhammadu Buhari before his operatives can rescue this young girl whose childhood’s innocence has been violently stolen by her kidnapper who reportedly forced her to change her religious faith and put her in a family way.

Another golden opportunity blown away by this just retired Inspector General of Police was when hundreds of farmers and residents of Agatu Community in Benue State were killed by armed Fulani herdsmen who migrated from neighboring Nasarawa State, this supposed Chief Law enforcement officer held a meeting with some community leaders over the crisis and a certain Fulani leader said the Agatu people were massacred because the Fulani herdsmen lost 10,000 Cows. 

Mr. Solomon Arase failed to stand up to be counted. 

He failed to arrest this spokesman of the Fulani Community who provided hints on why the killings took place.

Mr. Solomon Arase apparently was afraid of Abuja because President Buhari is reportedly the National patron of Nigeria Fulani herdsmen. 

For him loyalty to the body language of the current President superceded his loyalty to the Nigerian Constitution. How sad!

But why would a serving Chief Law enforcement officer of Nigeria have to wait for the body language of the president and failed to discharge his constitutional duties? 

He indeed embarked on the futile defence of the parody of the fake story that the killer Fulani herdsmen came from outside of Nigeria. 

As the man who should safeguard the lives and property of Nigerians he was not even ashamed of himself that he could mouth the illogical argument that foreigners are killing the same people he is paid to defend. 

That was a very shameful period of law enforcement that Solomon Arase presided over. 

The gaffes of Solomon Arase continued even when scores of people were killed by armed Fulani herdsman in Nimbo, Uzo Uwani local government area of Enugu State.

Mr. Arase simply shuttled out the Commissioner of Police Mr. Nwodibo Ekechukwu from Enugu to the Marine Police Department in Rivers State. 

This Police Commissioner allegedly collected money from the Enugu State governor Mr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to forestall the attack on Nimbo community by armed Fulani herdsmen but refused to enforce measures to stop the killings from happening. 

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