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How I dealt with us officers FG sent to set me up over Chibok Girls [Video]

Human Rights Lawyer Recounts Survival of ambush orchestrated by Nigerian embassy in America on 4th anniversary, advises blacks to record incidents


How I turned the hunters into the hunted – called authorities

US officers’ operation was an illegal one

I recorded it on my cellphone even though they tried to stop me

The dastardly public extrajudicial murder of Black American George Floyd by the police has sparked global outrage and condemnation as an egregious human rights violation in the world’s purported bastion of democracy.

The sad fact is that this is a reality for many minorities. However in my personal experience, my last ambush exactly four years ago by agents of the Department of Homeland Security was orchestrated by the Nigerian government itself against its own citizen deemed a critic. To the glory of God, their evil expectation was cut short.

Below is

  1. the excerpt from my court filings in my WSJ defamation lawsuit concerning the illegal operation
  2. the police report which describes what happened
  3. my cell phone video recording of the agents
  4. Transcript of My narration of events to WSJ
Human Rights lawyer, Barrister Emmanuel Ogebe of the U.S. Nigeria Law Group

Below are relevant extracts from Plaintiff’s court filings in his defamation lawsuit against Wall Street Journal and Mssrs Henshaw and Parkinson


Defendants fraudulently claim that their Exhibit D is evidence supporting their derogatory portrayal of him. Ironically, Plaintiff provided this to them as proof of the opposite – that it shows the roguish and unprofessional conduct of the DHS agents.

1.The report quotes the DHS agents as claiming it was an issue of “National Security”. This was patently false as this was not even an issue of public interest much less national security.

2.Defendants Hinshaw and Parkinson falsely depose on oath that the police report relates to “Abuse” allegations. The 911 call was requested by Plaintiff as is clearly audible in the audiovisual exhibit of the interaction when unknown individuals showed up to take the girls. The complaint was concerning the trespass by these people and what seemed to be the abduction of the girls by strange persons. Hinshaw and Parkinson latch onto hearsay by a responding officer vaguely mentioning that someone said there was “abuse.” It was not the subject or object of the Police report.

3.In any case “abuse” is a state crime and not the jurisdiction of the DHS

4.The Police report said the DHS agent was “suspicious” and “agitated” not the Plaintiff as defendants falsely reported.

5.It also said the DHS agents’ improper conduct led to suspicion of “abduction in progress” and recommended that the agents’ supervisors be notified of this malfeasance.

Exhibit AV 3

Please find below audiovisual exhibit AV3 in Plaintiff’s defamation suit against Wall Street Journal

Video footage recorded by Barrister Ogebe of two Dept of Homeland Security agents taking away two Chibok girls from their school in USA.

Download and watch the video here.

Lawsuit narrative:

  1. Plaintiff’s video (Ogebe Exhibit AV3) shows:
  2. DHS agent Drew saying she couldn’t listen to anything on school grounds. This was an admission that she knew they were in violation of US law which prohibits DHS action in schools
  3. DHS agent Brusseau violating Plaintiff’s constitutional rights by striking Plaintiff’s hand and threatening him to stop recording him
  4. Campus security notifying the DHS agents that they were trespassing on private property and interrogating them.

d.DHS agent Drew being queried for refusing to respond to all outreach to discuss

In conclusion, Plaintiff supplied the police report to Defendants but they twisted and misreported it against him. He also offered them videos which they rebuffed.

Photo shows the two CHIBOK girls taken from their school who haven’t progressed in four years since they were taken on May 30 2016(encircled in red)  and the other two CHIBOK girls who refused to be taken by the agents that day and graduated the next year with honors (arrows)


If you’re black in such a setting, record it as evidence just like Chris Cooper did in Central Park when falsely accused by a white woman. It’s your constitutional right and no honest cop on legitimate mission should stop you.

Secondly try and be in company of witnesses.

Thirdly call the authorities if you doubt the individuals operating.

Finally have faith in God but know your rights.

As they were leaving, the White man pleaded with me not to release the video. I had mercy on him but only did so after Floyd’s murder so people know what I went through and learn from it.

My attempted destruction by the Buhari regime is another failed project by the Grace of God.


Lawyer: WSJ scared to produce evidence they lied

Attached: EXHIBIT AMEN 1




EMMANUEL: I really don’t remember now if anyone asked me for 10 passports and I gave 5; I don’t think that happened. But if I didn’t provide that information, I probably would have said to them, “you guys produced the passports. Are you telling me you don’t have the records?” Let me even give you another point here: do you know that one of the girls, the girl lost her passport, the girl lost both parents lost her passport in school; and I took her to the Embassy and I processed a new passport for her. So the Embassy has copies of this thing: I mean the incompetence is unbelievable. They had records. They made the passports, for crying out loud. And then ultimately I think…..

DREW: We can move on given that- I believe you on that – how Nigerians deceive operations(?) I do that, I mean I believe that.

Ehmm! One thing I kind of want to understand; you’ve talked a little bit about it. But ehmm! Exactly what or who is in charge of the girls? We’re all adults, and honestly, we are capable of making the wrong decisions it seems; like a time in school we all give whoever wants one thing, and ehmm! Who is in charge of these girls? Were they able to make their own decisions?

EMMANUEL: Well, from a project standpoint they had to be a figure responsible for all the moving pieces, ensuring that. Remember! You really have to understand two things here:

(1) They had no framework for understanding and dealing with America.
(2) I mean, we literally had to do the Visa application for them; all of that. Okay! And sadly you know, that just showed some of their capacity. You know, they were high school final year kids. But they didn’t compare to the high school final year kids in the States. In fact, my daughter, who was I think a six grader, was way more aware and way more proactive than they were. So that was a challenge.

DREW: Emmanuel, when they brought you with the details application, were you confident with their details? were they at their correct ages?

EMMANUEL: Ehmm! Yeah, I didn’t personally do the visa applications. I had local partners who volunteered in Nigeria to do visa applications and stuff, so they worked detailed stuff of their passports, which were obviously genuine passports that were provided by the government of Nigeria. So! When you’re talking about decisions, programmatic decisions, let me make a couple of things clear: I don’t negotiate with terrorists; so when I had a situation where some guy says to me – and promises the US government that he has provided an academic scholarship for these girls, and all I have to do is take care of them during the breaks and all of that, and then this guy turns around and tells me that they can’t even come back for break until I pay him money, and this guy goes and demands and collects money that was meant to take care of them from the organization that the money was kept with; then we have a problem.

So we just couldn’t continue to subject ourselves to the blackmail and extortion from this chap. So that summer, a parent of the girls came out to visit. Again; this was part of the care program, was to make sure that they had interactions with people from home and they were not isolated. And so this fellow comes out, the parent comes out. He knows the girls; he was a teacher of the girls. We sat down and we evaluated the situation with the school that was making demands on us, and that was when choices were made about finding alternate schooling options for them.

And here are two quick points here: The new school we found was a great school; top tier; and we are not talking back woods Oregon, we’re talking about McLean, Virginia.

DREW: *inaudible*

EMMANUEL: You can transfer to another school. They got an upgrade to a much better school and then the beauty of it is that we found, you know, lovely America host families.

DREW: Did you transfer the Visa?

EMMANUEL: Yes, the Visa was duly transferred. It’s called the service whatever, and It was transferred to the new school. All the due processes were followed. This happens all the time. People have better schools, better opportunities, better scholarships, and they move. So now what happened was, in Oregon they were not making any academic progress. In this new school, we found host families. American professionals; we’re talking lawyers, we’re talking doctors and pastors who they lived with, and that’s the ideal cultural exchange funnel when you have immersion, okay! So they were living in American homes, they were speaking English and they were getting immersed in the culture, so to speak, and then this fellow began his campaign.

DREW: That last year after they changed from Oregon, they changed their host families quite a bit. Why was that?

EMMANUEL: No they didn’t change host families quite a bit. The decision making process involved the parent who we flew all the way from Nigeria, who actually evaluated the schools. Now let me make something clear, initially we wanted to place the girls in the same school in Southern Virginia as the others, but apparently, someone who will remain nameless, intimidated them and so they didn’t want to take them. So, we now found another school, and as I said, we had host families and we put them there. So, they didn’t change host families quite a bit, everyone got a host family.

In the transition between lining up host families, because we did background checks, we did all of that, on them, they started out in my house and then ended up in the homes. Like I said, they were lawyers, doctors, and pastors; really outstanding people.

DREW: Cause my understanding of this, is that ehmm! maybe you have differences. To have host families you had differences; to have a host family relate you details, you know, taken to your home at different times?

EMMANUEL: No, I didn’t have, ehmm! See again, see ehh! Let me clarify something: everything you’re saying now is kind of old hat! This is stuff that this fellow has been spewing for years. I mean there’s nothing new here.

DREW: Is it true?

EMMANUEL: It’s not true. The bottom line here is this; that when I found this great school in Fairfax for these girls. We selected host families through a process, and the girls were placed in those families, and they stayed with those host families. Okay! Now, if you’re referring to host families that Jubilee tried to do or whatever, I don’t know about that, I’m not speaking to that, but I’m talking about the host families that I identified for these girls and placed them in when they were in Fairfax.

DREW: Yeah! How did you react to the extraction by DHS? How did that happen? *inaudible*

EMMANUEL: Emmm! You know what can I say? We knew that Doug Wead and Co. were constantly sending people to the school. I mean, this had been going on for months. To be honest, it was becoming a nuisance to the school. I honestly think that he is a nuisance, but it is not about what I think, but one of his contacts has actually warned me that he is an excessive, compulsive, control freak and all of that, so I should watch out for him. He was writing and texting and trying to use all his political contacts to harass us. Agents were showing up in the school constantly. It was becoming a nuisance.

DREW: What kind of agents?

EMMANUEL: They would send DHS, they would send FBI. There was a time he sent a reporter to the school. He just wouldn’t let up, aehh! You’d have to know the background of Doug Wead. This is a guy, while working for George Bush, was tape recording his conversations, trying to make a profit off a book. The Chibok girls became his thing; he was an Amway salesman. The Chibok girls became his Amway sales product.

DREW: Is he? what was his Amway sales product?

EMMANUEL: Yes, the girls became his Amway sales product. You know, one summer he told us, “Hey! A friend of mine is going to donate all the money that I want if the girls go to spend the summer with him.” We were horrified that he would even make such a suggestion. Because he had written up a list. He was looking for three hundred thousand dollars. Apparently that was what his friend in Atlanta was going to give him if the girls would go there for the summer. We felt very uncomfortable with this. This sounded to me like a new take on slave trading, and so obviously at that point I wasn’t going to go along with that sort of thing. This guy had sworn an oath on an affidavit, at least the school had, to the US embassy, that he had scholarships for them, and now he was trying during the summer break to pass them off to a friend, and so that didn’t sound right, and of course I didn’t go along with that.

We kept coming under the barrage of all these agents coming to school. It was purely an intimidation tactic. I called agents, I emailed agents, I said, “Look, if you guys want to talk to me I am here”. They never responded. That’s part of the tragedy when you are invisible in the US system. Doug Wead was a permanent Republican White Guy. They would jump at his beck and call, he could use Senators and people to do his bidding. I was basically an invisible black guy who no one would even give the time of day. So! On the day the girls were picked up from Virginia, it was actually their graduation day in school and we had come for the graduation ceremony, and the girls had said they wanted to pick something from my house, so we scheduled that day that after the graduation we would go to my home and they would pick their things. I got a call from someone who was concerned. He said “I don’t know what is going on, but I don’t like the vibe I’m getting”. So, we got concerned, like what’s going on? And so we, very frankly I am telling you this, I actually called the FBI and I tried to say “listen, I don’t understand, but one of the host families is concerned that one of the girls has been communicating with some people, and it looks like something strange is afoot”. So, when I got that kind of concern, it was me who called the FBI, and I said “Hey! listen! I am concerned that maybe our girls have been indoctrinated. I don’t know what is going on, can you all look into this?”

It was while I was on that call trying to figure things out with the FBI, that DHS shows up to take the girls away. So, I mean, if I was the nefarious one. I think I have been accused of child trafficking. They were not children, they were not trafficked, and you know, they were in plain sight. They were in Congress, they were in the White House, I mean how is that even possible? So anyhow, if I was trafficking kids would I call the FBI? So these people show up and they take the girls. And like I said, they took the girls from that school in Fairfax Virginia. They took them from the home of the Pastor of the largest church in DC and then they moved them to Bronx, New York. Those two girls until this day have not passed their GED after two years (2) and one million dollars.

DREW: How did you feel when DHS took them away?

EMMANUEL: I don’t know what to say. Of the two girls that were taken that day by DHS. one of them was not an escaped Chibok girl. She sent to me with a sob story how she was an orphan, that there was no one to help her; so I should let her come. And she came and ended up being the most difficult person. With the previous host family she spent time with, she was torturing their pet. She was just a nasty piece of work. I mean, I can’t say that I wasn’t glad to see her go.

Now, the second girl was her cousin. She was a sweet soul. I think the other girl was a negative influence on her; she was a sweet soul.

DREW: Were they biological cousin?

EMMANUEL: Yes, they were biological cousins. I noticed that the other girl was constantly manipulating her. It wasn’t a very good dynamic between the two. The other girl ended up converting to Islam in the Bronx last year. The question I ask is, how does a girl who jumped off a truck being carried in forest by Islamist, come to safety in the US, leave the home of a pastor in Virginia, end up in the Bronx and converts to Islam, I mean how on earth does that even begin to happen? Then again, that’s the Nigerian government for you and that’s the unspoken story of what happens to Christians in Northern Nigeria.

Like I said, both girls are still in touch with me. We chat from time to time. When this girl converted to Islam we spoke. It’s just tragic.

DREW: You were glad to see the sweet girl and also the other one with the complicated thing, but ehmm!

EMMANUEL: Yeah! Yeah that’s true. Let me point out: I remember you said something about celebrities. Again, listen, I don’t need celebrities for anything I have done for human rights for over twenty years. In the twenty years I’ve been in US I have met all the US Presidents. I have met Clinton, I met Bush, and ehmm! the only US President I didn’t meet was Obama. I attended an event for his inauguration, but I didn’t meet Obama and that’s sad for me, because he was (…) He was the first black President and he descended from Africa. But the reason I didn’t meet him was because of the Chibok girls. All the drama around it made it impossible for us to get to meet him.

DREW: Have you been in contact with James Daniel? He is not nobody; He is not in office anymore, Emmanuel.

EMMANUEL: But my point is that over the years, because my dad is a retired Supreme Court Justice in Nigeria, I’ve grown up in the circle of the powerful…! I mean, the core for me is human rights and the poor. If I was living a life for myself I would not be doing anything for poor people. So I am not fazed by celebrity or anything of the sort. I believe in a cause, and I work hard towards that cause. That’s it!

DREW: The extraction was like a lot of tears. You had a lot of fear in the parking lot. You know, the girls, they don’t know what they want to do.

EMMANUEL: I have the video recordings of that parking lot thing. To be very honest, there is ehmm! a, lot of information and you know, there’s not enough hours in the day to deal with them. I don’t want you to make any mistakes, but yes, like I said, I was on the phone with the FBI. These guys show up in a rented van. There were no official markings. I asked. It was just a very strange thing; there was so many violations.

Alright, let me give you an illustration. Of course I pulled out my phone to record what was going on, because I didn’t know what the heck was going on. I was on the phone with the FBI, who I thought was the right authority to be dealing with, and some dudes show up who the FBI are not aware of, and their carrying on. So I bring out my phone to record it, and this dude cames up to me and hits my hand and said “don’t record this. You can’t do that”, and I said” why the heck not?” He said “you can’t”. And I said” no, I have a right to. It is one of the Constitutional Freedoms to record what is going on”. In the back of my mind I am saying, ”this guy is probably not a real cop if he doesn’t know this is a constitutional right”. That was part of what was going on, again I have recordings from that encounter.

One of the girls, when she saw how it was going down, she was shocked. Again, they were played they didn’t know the implication of what they were doing, and she said to me “I just told them that I wanted to go to another school, that’s all I said.” You know, I have this on tape. So ehmmm! They were played, they were made to believe they were going to Eldorado, the school in Oregon. They got there, it didn’t work out. The school wanted nothing to do with their age and sharks. The Nigerian government tried to play Doug Wead; Doug Wead tried to play them. Their marriage fell apart within weeks. The Nigerian government got away with five girls, and Doug Wead got two. My sources say that the Nigerian government was like wow! “This guy is a nasty piece of work like Emmanuel said”. Then Doug Wead maybe offered money to a couple of the girls. That’s how it went down. I have people who have testified to this thing. Yeah! We know how it went.

DREW: I will like to see the video; do you have a copy of the video? Did you call the local police or the FBI?

EMMANUEL: I reached out, I did call the FBI. So this guy who comes with this car; basically he’s trying to take the girls away. The DHS by law is not allowed to operate on school grounds in this manner, so there were lot’s of things they did that didn’t seem right. Then he started threatening me and saying all sorts of stuff, “he was going to call the cops on me”. I said yes, sure do, and when he didn’t do that; that told me something. This guy, there’s something not straight going on here, so I asked that they call 911 so we could get down to what was going on. Now, remember that I had been set up and ambushed by cops before, so I just wanted to be sure. I didn’t know who these guys were.

DREW: Ehmm! Let’s see what else is here, I can say thank you for bringing young women from a very rural, remote location, so to speak, into the US. I can imagine how it’s easy to manipulate. One thing I wanted to understand here was, to my understanding of this is that they did complain, like as you said, they wanted the Ipad, they wanted Facebook all the time; and they did complain that they wanted to leave. They wanted to get out of your care and go to Eldorado. When they asked for that you could say hey! You could be deported if you leave me, you could get in serious trouble, you could go back to Nigeria you’d be in trouble with Boko Haram.

EMMANUEL: that’s all false. You need to understand who you are dealing with. Doug Wead is a pathological individual. There’s no other way. In one of my final communications with him I told him that “You’re sick and you need help.” This fellow once said to me that when he was taking the girl to school, they stopped in San Francisco for a layover, and after she left her bathroom, he saw a black ring in the tub. And he said to me, “I would leave a mark in the tub too if I had been in the forest in Sambisa and haven’t had a bath for months”. I was so troubled by this what clearly to me was a very prejudiced remark. I was troubled by the notion that he was inspecting her bath tub after she had a bath. These are the kinds of really creepy stuff that he was doing. He fabricates stuff; it’s incredible the kind of stuff he fabricates. He is just a pathological liar. And so, what you’re saying now; all of that is false.

Like I said, a parent was here; a former teacher of theirs. We sat down, we analyzed the situation. I mean we had girls in two schools and we tested them during the summer, and one set of girls did way better than the one set of girls. It was clear; they were not performing well in the Doug Wead’s School, so we made the decision to find a better school for the girls. The girls never came to me and said, “O! we want to go back to that old school”. That discussion never happened. The only conversations we had were very simple, we tried to explain stuff to them. And I said, “listen, if you wanna go somewhere if you get lost in this country, guess who’s gonna be held responsible? Me! Because I am the one who brought you here, so please bear that in mind”. We tried to make that very clear to them.

The question of the liability I would have if anything happened to them while they were in the States, they understood; that in a cultural context, because if you are playing the guardian role and anything goes wrong… and so on and so forth. And so when they were taken by the government and the Nigerian Embassy, eventually we had to write the families that hey! listen, these kids are no longer with me. I don’t have any liability for them anymore because the Nigerian government says they’ve taken them over. And so when one of the girls converts to Islam in the custody of the Nigerian government, that’s not my deal anymore. That’s their deal. The father who was bribed to go out and say stuff against us – his daughter gets converted to Islam. He has to live with the consequences of his actions.

DREW: Emmanuel, could you say something about the shopping mall? The media has a lot of talking between you and Mr. Wead. Is it not just him making these allegations, is the Nigerian government involved, or the DHS, whatever their actions. Do you think they wanna turn people against you?

EMMANUEL: Well, the issue here, this is a question of a bad Wead growing intended. When you have a guy who used to be an assistant to the US President,and he fell from grace – he has too much time on his hands and has nothing else to do. The guy is obsessed by me; I give him a reason to wake up. He trolls me. It is just ridiculous. I wanna tell Doug Wead to get a life, because he clearly doesn’t have one. So he trolls me, he goes on my Facebook page. It is really ridiculous. In fact, at a point I used to joke that I’m honored he’s gone from trolling President George Bush to trolling poor little me. That means I’m in the class of the US President!

I have been imprisoned; I have been tortured by the Nigerian military. I think I’ve paid my dues many years ago, and the fact that I’m so consistently helping people poorer than me, I think “kudos to me and to my family”. Let me point this out. I had two homes before the Chibok girls came into our lives, I’m down to one.

You know, that’s how hard this has been on all of us. I have two kids of my own that I have not spent as much time with. These kids had to share their home, and their father and their mother with strange kids from Africa. Some who came in with all sorts of issues. But they lived with us, they ate with us and they became friends with us. Let me tell you something; my biggest fear from this episode was that my children would be jaded and would never want to do good. Because they’ve seen all the harm that come to people who tried to do good. Last month or so, I was talking to the children about the girls who wrote and emailed an apologized to us and called me and apologized for her betrayal and all of that, and I said to them, I said “kids what do you think? They said it wasn’t their fault, they were misled”. Stuff like that happens and I am so proud of my kids. They are thirteen and seventeen, and I am proud of them. I hope that they would also open their homes and their hearts to others in the future, but people like Doug Wead, who would exploit their relationship with the US President and record him. Who would exploit these girls. Doug Wead raised a lot of money in the name of the Chibok girls. And he is still doing that. I could barely scratch two cents together.

DREW: Explain that, how is he making money?

EMMANUEL: From what I understand, this is an example: he got some pastor in Florida to write him a check for five thousand dollars for one girl, or something like that. That said to mean the girl would always go to his home during breaks and all of that. You know, it just sounded strange and so the model that I ultimately evolved for host parenting for the girls was: you know, we want this to be sacrificial, what you’re doing; do for the girls directly. You don’t have to write a check to a school directly and make then make the girl beholding to you for that. There was a website which was created, we consistently told him; don’t raise money on this website. We don’t want you doing any of this. He went ahead and made the website and he did all of that. They actually created a very sophisticated fund raising machine. What they did was they accessed a database of, I think it was a Republican Party database. So they were paying money to access that database, and people were getting commissions off of what they generated. It was a very, like I said, an Amway styled operation.

DREW: They were using the girls to do the operation for a kind of influence then fundraising?

EMMANUEL: Yes, yes they did a ton of that. Like you said, a friend of his who was an insurance salesman. A millionaire offered him a proposal of three hundred thousand dollars if the girls would spend summer with him. Some of this stuff is in email, you read it, and you’re kinda, “what is this guy thinking?” you’re marketing the girls for crying out loud! You can’t say stuff like that. I was shocked. Like I said, a friend of mine was recently taken; he was talking about how he just paid a scholarship for two Nigerian girls. I was “like, woah!” Doug Wead has scholarships times over for these same girls, so you know this is Amway all over again.

DREW: Did all of these girls not all, several of these girls, escape?

EMMANUEL: You know what? Drew, you kind of caught me at a good time. I have been a bit silent about all of this stuff for years, just because I was waiting for the trial, and today I have given my testimony. So the girls in my custody have graduated, they’re in college now, so I feel now more open to speaking. Now let me say two things here: – Some of the girls reached Sambisa, but they escaped on the same day, so that I can vouch for one or two of those girls.

DREW: You sound so sure of that, that they reached Sambisa forest and then they escaped the same day when they reached Sambisa forest?


DREW: But they must have been kidnapped about three or four or five days before they could get there?

EMMANUEL: Yeah, it took about two days for them to get to Sambisa, and they left the same day, so those girls spent several days heading back out. Okay! So of the three girls who reportedly reached Sambisa and escaped, I can vouch for only two that their story is true.

But let me tell you something that’s gonna shock you Drew. Of the ten Chibok girls that I brought to the US directly, nine were escaped girls, one was not. You know, I have explained that before. Can you believe the shock of my life when I was watching a video a couple months ago at the UN, one of the girls at the UN was in the video. This is her story in the UN Security Council, she said, “I jumped out of a truck and escaped”. That was how she escaped. Okay! There was a problem with that. This girl has told me consistently since the first day I met her at the US Embassy in Abuja, that their truck broke down they were in a field and she told the Boko Haram that she wanted to go and ease herself, and she took three other girls and they ran for their lives. So I was shocked. I was like “what is she saying?” And in her story she says “she decided to jump out of the truck because she’d rather die and her family find her corpse than go into the forest with Boko Haram”. That was when it hit me, she had just cloned the story of another girl. So what I did was that I forwarded that link to the Chibok girl who had actually shared that story and she replied and said. “Yes that’s my story, she stole my story”. So Drew this is what shocked me.

DREW: The girls are kind of taking each other’s stories?

EMMANUEL: So Drew, basically that really shocked me, because I knew what they had done With Doug Wead, DHS that the girls were liars, I didn’t know that even something as basic as their story of their escape could potentially be a fabrication. So now I’m beginning to second guess and ask.., “what is real and what isn’t?” And so the girls who went with Doug Wead to see Trump, I can’t vouch for their stories anymore because one of those girls went to the United Nations, and she lied, and I think that’s probably the biggest headline from our conversation today. That one of the girls who met with Trump basically pulled a trump herself. You know, yes.

DREW: Is it true that you or the Gadzamas asked them to exaggerate their story?

EMMANUEL: It is absolutely no truth in there, absolutely no truth. There was never an addition to the story. I can’t speak for what transpired with the Gadzamas but I don’t think that they would have. I don’t know that they would have done that, that wouldn’t make any sense. It really wouldn’t make any sense. I don’t know how to deal with that level of pathological lying. I know he gets off on that kind of stuff, and I am too busy saving the real world to deal with people who live in an alternative universe with an alternative reality. So ehmmm! Yeah, if anything I can tell you that whoever put those girls at the UN to say what they said – you can’t tell me that that girl went to the UN and lied through her teeth without being put up to it by her minder. Even in the UN she lied that it was Congresswoman Fredericka Wilson who brought her to America. You know that’s not true. I know that’s not true, Fredericka Wilson knows that’s not true. This was the testimony at the UN Security Council; I don’t know how much longer they can keep up all of this lying.

DREW: Yeah, Okay! I was wondering the same thing. I was wondering the same thing.

In May of 2015 the FBI, as I understand it had information that the parents of the daughters were planning to mobilize, to protest the inauguration of Buhari that their girls were being held by the Canyonville people. Do you know anything about that?

EMMANUEL: By the Canyonville people?

DREW: They were holding them and not letting them come home for the summer. Or they had other plans like Atlanta something like that.

EMMANUEL: I’m trying to think. Did you- Buhari was inaugurated in 2015, not 2016.

DREW: That’s right. May 2016. I don’t know how clear the line is but my understanding is the FBI as of May 2016 that the Chibok parents were going to protest because the school in Oregon is not letting the girls come home for the summer. Do you know anything about that?

EMMANUEL: That sounds *inaudible* I don’t know where the FBI got that information from, but the point here is that I have reached out to them over the years and they haven’t been responsive so where they got that information from I don’t know.

DREW: I’ve taken two hours of your time so thank you very much. Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it. (to Joe Parkinson) Are you in the call? I don’t know if you’re still there or not. I guess he’s not. Thanks very much. We’ll be in touch.

EMMANUEL: You ended up not talking about the case. We can talk about that over email.

DREW: If you have a video or anything else that would be great. The more you learn the less you know kind of thing.

EMMANUEL: I know and to be honest Drew it’s so complicated that- it’s kind of one of those things you work on for years it’s not a forty eight hour story. You don’t want to make any unnecessary mistakes. It’s complicated. That’s the best way to put it.

DREW: Thank you so much and we’ll stay in touch.

Emmanuel Ogebe

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