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How I knew I Needed Repentance


So I was in a church last Sunday and the priest was talking about the need for everyone to examine themselves. I guess that included me since I was in the congregation. His question was; if end time was to be now, I mean that Sunday, will you be happy to be caught doing what you were doing? If the end time was to be in 24 hours or 48 hours, would you be happy to be doing what you were doing?

I was happy the question came at the right time. I mean, where else was the best place to be when the end time call is made if not to be in church. So I was confident that I was in the right place. “No shaking,” I told myself. However, a very selfish voice said to me, “Are you sure you wouldn’t excuse yourself and go and deal with that ice cream in the car before signing off for the end time?”As much as I wanted to stifle that bad thought of going to pick on the ice cream in the car when the priest was talking about end time, the more I desired that creamy white stuff. That was when I realized I needed to repent from my desire for all these worldly things that do us no good.

It is a pity that I am the only one confessing my sins loud out here. I know a couple of friends that will ask that the church service be paused so that they can at least go home and savour their plate of jollof rice. Some will like the service to be postponed for a week so they can at least get to wear those nice Christmas shoes they just bought. I know a friend that would like to rock that his new house at least for some cool hours before end time.

Some Nigerian politicians will like to have the end time postponed till after 2019 elections so that at least they can win the election and recoup their investments. My uncle told me of a full grown man that his Mercedes benz car got bashed, he got down, saw the dent and started crying! All for earthly material things. I am sure that guy would rather have the end time postponed so he can get his car fixed and rock it for some more months.

It was a reflection time for me. One thing is being in the right place at the right time and the other is having the focus of that right place. Being at the right place means the desire to do the right thing is there. Having the discipline and commitment to do the right thing and see it through is another.

More often, we have seen people with sincere hearts wishing they will do the right thing but get distracted by the ice cream in their car boots when the chips are down. They ask for postponement of elections or ask that they be given second or even third term since they used their first term to lick and clean their mouth of the ice cream they just came into contact with. Infact, they tell the electorate there was no ice cream: that it was all about them, the poor that they were after, cutting grass for them and feeding them in the IDP camps. Interestingly, they were busy licking the damn ice cream that they forget the white line all over their mouth. The end of the first term always seems so sudden that we keep hearing “it was not enough”: that the end time should wait so that they can show forth their good works!

Like me, all these people need repentance. We must be seen to be men of honour and integrity. We must think on end time things right now and make up our mind to do good for the best interest of our nation. We must ask ourselves, if it were end time, will we be happy to be seen doing what we are doing currently? If your answer is in the negative or your thoughts would want the end time postponed so you can go and lick your ice cream, be it keeping the dollars you just collected from that contractor or anything else then you will need to join me in this confession.

Obidike peter wrote from www.peterobidike.com and p_obidike@yahoo.com

Wednesday 21st November 2018


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