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How I Saved My Friend Who Attempted Suicide From Death

Find below a short story written by a Twitter user, Ekemini Ita, narrating how she saved her friend, name withheld, from dying after she committed suicide by taking a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with klin.


I almost lost a friend two days ago to suicide after enduring years of emotional, physical and psychological abuse from her birth parents, most especially the mom. The peeps she wanted to end her life for were not even bother if she lived or died.

She texted me early morning that day to thank me for being a good friend to her, I took it as one of her jokes until she told me she had attempted suicide the previous night but failed…

She had mixed hydrogen peroxide with klin (only God knows the quantity she took) and had downed everything. I asked what happened and she told me, I couldn’t help but cry and beg her. She insisted on taking the same mixture again.

I kept begging and praying God to touch her heart. All these was about 6a.m. It wasn’t long, she said she was vomiting blood. I asked if there was anyone at home to help her. She said the mum had instructed no one to touch her and even placed a curse on who will touch her.

I went crazy. I quickly put on my clothes, took a Keke down to her house. I met her in a pool of her bloody vomit. I throw on her a gown bra and slippers, lifted her and managed to get her downstairs to a waiting Keke straight to the hospital.

I had called the boyfriend when I was on my way and he sent some money. On our way to the hospital, she passed out stretched, even the Keke man joined me to cry and pray to God. I called my mother to help me pray, she said, call on the God you worship.

The rest is history…

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