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How Kanu spent N35m to mobilize one-off empty security pictures —Investigation

Three years after BSS scam strategy, Nnamdi Kanu has come up with another one. BSS accrued wealth for him at the expense of avoidable deaths. This time, this investigative journalist captured everything about his recent picture exhibition strategy. He takes you through the plan, the cost and the avoidable.

Chief Ralph Uwazurike is the only Biafran leader with decorated Biafran security. Biafran security under Uwazurike has secretariats located in provinces of Biafra. Biafran security personnel under Uwazurike are visible and during Ojukwu’s memorial, we saw the security network in action.

Nnamdi Kanu appears to be envious or rather mischievously fraudulent according to investigation carried out by this investigative journalist.

He has constantly maintained that he is championing peaceful restoration of Biafra and his security is a ceremonial one.

Uwazurike knows that if he did not tread with caution, setting up Biafran security could amount to treason and lead to military onslaught against the people of Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu cannot be like Uwazurike because his own is solely anchored on financial patronage. As such, he needs to impress his potential victims with mouth and sacrifice some lives to get paid.

For Nnamdi Kanu, he appears to be a desperate man in need of money and taking advantage of situations.

Recall that in 2017 Nnamdi Kanu received a guard of honor after flaunting quack BSS which subsequently led to the massacre of innocent youths.

While Uwazurike cautiously run Biafran security network, Nnamdi Kanu rants that he would use few boys at his disposal to overthrow Buhari and fight Nigeria. When Nigerian army came, he jumped a long face and left his followers to be gunned down.

Nigerian government must stop killing innocent Biafrans at the expense of Kanu’s business. He invested huge money to get this picture taken to enable him revive his cash-cow’. Nobody should think there is physical presence. No, the boys have taken the picture for him, got paid and gone back home. This investigation is sound and first hand.

For Uwazurike; there is a sustained security network or system with secretariat and salary payment for personnel. But Nnamdi Kanu had just one-off picture exhibition to use for scavenging funds and misleading the people to believe he has something to offer.

The boys have snapped their pictures and videos and gone back home while it is now Nnamdi Kanu’s job to use the exhibition for rants, fraud and hunting cash.

According to this detailed investigation, Nnamdi Kanu released a total of Thirty Five Million Naira (35,000,000) to Justice Ude, his quack security chief who was trained by the ex-leader of Biafra National Guard.

Justice Ude was the second batch trained by Innocent Orji and was one of the poorest security personnel- although his physique played a positive role in being considered by Nnamdi Kanu whose cowardice and military inexperience is without measure.

Justice Ude who is popularly known as Enemy was tasked with executing the picture exhibition; the millions of Naira he received included funds for sewing outfit; designing flag, mobilizing boys and paying boys that honored his call.

Enemy promised the boys a collective payment of Twenty Million Naira. Currently; there is murmuring that Justice Ude pocketed large sum of money and failed to share fairly to the boys mobilized for the picture exhibition. Some boys argued Kanu didn’t release up to 35m but Enemy hyped the figure to attract them.

Boys were mobilized in Anambra state first week of December and on the second week; went into the bush for the exhibition with some other boys mobilized from different states.

This investigative journalist followed the mobilization and warned youths to be very cautious. After which Anambra state government released a security alert message without knowing the mobilization of youths into the state was to carry out business picture exhibition.

Further investigation revealed that Nnamdi Kanu’s 35,000,000 investment was to open a new channel of financial fraud having faced hard times in convincing the people to continue enriching his pocket.

“We were called for a program; wear cloths and snap picture and go back. Nothing serious because we are not preparing anything” one of the boys selected for picture exhibition told this investigative journalist by proxy.

Investigation also revealed that the purpose of the picture exhibition is to try and keep gullible’ busy and switch focus from the fact he told them he would restore Biafra in 2020. He Kanu wanted something to substitute his impending shame.

If for nothing; Nnamdi Kanu has become an expert fraudster that knows how to hold his victims at bay. While he is only copying from Uwazurike; he did made it appear like it’s a new trend or physical preparation.

But with this picture exhibition; millions will be made from gullible Biafrans. He passed a message of one command. He is simply telling his potential victims to invest and advisement picture is a convincing key.

He would get ten folds of the money he invested for the picture. Biafra is indeed a cool business for the traitor.

Ifeanyi Chijioke, an investigative/independent journalist, writes from Enugu; Ifeanyichijioke97@gmail.com.

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