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How MD, FMC – Dr. Uwakwem was cleared by President Buhari


Dr. Angela Uwakwem

One day, in the nearest future I shall try to fit into my very crowded writing schedules to tell the intriguing stories that surrounded the leadership tussle that bedeviled the FMC, in Owerri, especially within the last five months. 

No matter, what you may have been made to believe, the now vindicated Medical Director was a victim for her desire to transform that center and make life better for the entirety of Imolites, especially in the area of healthcare provision. 

On the other hand, her detractors, hid under the cover of labor unionism to perpetrate all forms of fraud and professional travesties. This woman’s attempt to say no to these attracted all forms of blackmail, threats and even assassination attempts. 

The hospital had been closed down for some months over some labor leaders insistence that Dr. Angela Uwakwem [image above] must be removed over spurious allegations of corruption and other unsubstantiated allegations.

The President, Muhammadu Buhari, through the offices of the Head of Service of the Federation, the Federal Ministries of Health and Labour and Productivity set up a nine man Investigation Panel to look into the allegations bandied by these grumbling and disgruntled elements within the hospital, three of these nine committee members were drawn from the labor unions.

Within the period of the investigation, Dr. Angela Uwakwem was asked to proceed on her annual leave in order to allow a free space for the panel to do its work. She handed over to the former head of Clinical Services, Dr. Benneth Ajuonuma who acted as the MD till 16th of October 2015, when he had to retire from service.

The Panel threw its doors open for all parties to present evidences to back up their allegations, while the MD was invited to present her defense. Panel members also went on fact finding missions within and outside the hospital to ascertain the real situation of things, as per administration, infrastructure, staff attitudes to work and other things of interest. 

After more than two months of extensive investigations, the panel members unanimously concluded that Dr. Mrs. Angela Uwakwem was a victim of blackmail, lies and high powered leadership tussle within and outside the hospital. 

They recommended that all those involved in accusing her and or smearing her name in the public should apologize to her, while the Federal Ministry recalls her to her duty post.

At present there are indications that the ring leaders of that selfish rebellion are mobilizing to truncate the MD’s triumphant return to the hospital, out of fear that their sins may catch up with them. 

There is absolutely no reason why these workers should subject Imolites to another round of strike action.

If they feel that they cannot subject themselves to the authority of the Federal Government, the best way to go is for them to tender their resignations letters, as another round of unprovoked and unnecessary industrial action will definitely attract the ire of Imo people, and the dimensions this will take, will certainly be unprecedented.

Truth and justice prevail!

Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

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