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How Nepotist Fulanis Caused Civil War In Central Africa Republic

By Daniel Honour


How the nepotist Fulani’s caused the civil war in Central Africa Republic (CAR) in 2013

How many of you know that the civil war in Central African Republic started because the Fulani’s who were less than 6% of the population did a coup to seize power.

The president then began installing Fulanis in top govt positions. All business, economic, military positions were held by Fulanis. Churches were attacked and ransacked. Lands were taken and grabbed by the Fulani’s.

Then the indigenes planned and strategised. One solemn night, they attacked. Killing hundreds of soldiers guarding the president with Dane guns and matchetes. Some accounts say they butchered the soldiers like cows and goats.

The president fled the country and a civil war broke. Over 80% of the Fulanis have fled CAR. Those that remained, their cows were slaughtered and their lands given to the rightful people.

So the question is, what is happening to the remaining 80% that were driven out of CAR? Remember that the CAR civil war broke out in 2013 and the expulsion of Fulanis began in 2014.

If you’re good in basic maths you’ll realise when Fulani herdsmen started killing in Nigeria was in 2015 right. Good.

Also remember that El Rufai said that the people killing weren’t Nigerians. Remember? He was right. They aren’t. They’re Fulani nomads and they’re looking for land.

Nigeria is the perfect place for them to conquer. The south is divided and their Nigerian brethren have already conquered the North.

The only reason they couldn’t conquer CAR was because they country was united against the Fulani from the onset. Although new powers are looking to gain control in the country.

If Nigerians will learn from history, no Fulani man should be allowed to rule this country. And even if by chance they rule, they must never be given the powers that have been given to PMB.

PMB govt resembles the strategy deployed by the Fulani in CAR. Where the Fulani will head all important government agencies.

Those who fail to learn from history, are already doomed to repeat it.

Daniel Honour

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