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How Nnamdi Kanu collected hundreds of millions of Naira from Igbo governors, betrayed some IPOB members to the DSS – Asari Dokuboh


Former Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, NDPVF, Asari Dokubo has exposed how the self acclaimed Supreme Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu have been collecting hundreds of millions of naira from South East Governors.

Asari Dokubo who made this known in a video obtained by ElombahNews and which lasted for two minutes, thirty seven seconds said that the Supreme Leader of IPOB would soon be punished and the whole world will see his disgrace.

Addressing Nnamdi Kanu in the video Dokuboh said, “I also now ask you to swear if you have not been collecting money from all the governors of Igbo States and beyond running into hundreds of millions that you have never collected a dime from them, you should swear, that you have never betrayed IPOB members to the DSS you should swear.

“I know whether you swear or not your days are numbered, you will soon be punished and the whole world will see your disgrace. I stand by this my word that if I ever demanded N200 million from you may Allah punish me.”

He aslo said, “Nnamdi Kanu, your followers have challenged me that if I did not collect N20 million from you I should swear by the Quran, this is a copy of the Quran and I swore by the Quran, so that you can read is not in Arabic is in English, so that you can read.

“I swore by the Quran, that I never collected N20 million from you or any of your representative, that I never betrayed any of your member , you sent your members to me, they stayed with me and they left, as I am talking to you, I have about 18 IPOB members with me, active IPOB members, living in my house, living with me, that is the love they have for me, combatants IPOB members, so many IPOB commanders go and come back to stay with me, they call me, they talk to me.

“I swore that if I collected any money and betrayed any Biafra, may God punish me, may Allah punish me in this world and thereafter.”

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