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How Not to fight corruption — Peter Obi


The Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Peter Obi, has advised that fighting corruption should not be regarded as an economic policy.

Mr. Obi argued that once strong institutions are built, that it will automatically put a wedge to corruption.

Obi was speaking on Wednesday in Enugu at the 3rd South East Economic Summit. The theme of the summit was “South East Nigeria: the Investment Destination”.

Obi, who was emphatic that the new economic order is knowledge-based, called South East and the entire Nigeria to follow the new order and take the world by storm.

He said this could principally be achieved through attention to education.

“We got the talent here… very intellectually endowed and resourceful people of all ages to rise to the occasion.

“We’re all hoping that things will change and the requisite infrastructure put in place, especially in support of education.”

Drawing some characteristic comparisons, Obi informed that Venezuela with the biggest deposit of oil in the world is presently in economic crisis.

Also that the state of California without oil is the richest American State instead of Texas that is floating on oil.

He therefore concluded that it is not about mineral deposits, but about developing sound human resources that will utilise the abundant intellectual capital in the country.

The event was well-attended and held under the chairmanship of Dr. Paschal Dozie, the MTN Chairman.

Other high profile attendees included His Lordship, Bishop Dr. Sunday N. Onuoha; the Chairman of SEREDEC, Prof Barth Nnaji; Dr. Wallis Farghal; Prof Ogonogo Okeke-Uzodike, among others.

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