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How Obi procured Victor Umeh’s 1st int’l passport – The full story



Whatever way we look at it, Obi remains the best Governor Anambra has had. We are in the State and will be glad to see somebody break his records. – Ezenwajiaku


Barrister Vincent Ezenwajiaku [above] is a pharmacist and a lawyer as well as a politician. He was a foundation member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance [APGA] and had contested for the Federal House and Senate under the party. 

He was the Hon. Commissioner for Special Duties in the Obi Government. Since the crisis in APGA started, he has remained vocal. He fielded questions from some journalists in Awka.

May we meet you Sir?

I am a Nigerian from Anambra State. I am currently serving as a Commissioner in Governor Peter Obi’s administration. I am a pharmacist and a Barrister by profession. I ventured into politics because I believe it offers me wider spectrum to contribute to the advancement of humanity.

Would you call yourself a professional politician?

In fact, some of us who are professionals are against people seeing politics as a profession, it is not. I often get angry when some people introduce themselves as politicians. The reason for this obsession with politics is people’s view and belief that it is a shorter route to wealth and renown. We have a trend in the country today of people who soon after their National Youth Service plunge into politics without attempt to practice their profession. For such people, whenever you ask them about their profession, they will say “I am a politician.” The consequence of this is that if they contest any post and fail, rather than go back to their trade, they will be running around the corridors of power and are ever ready to become sweepers of the offices of people in power for them to be seen to belong. This is not good and has not augured well for Nigeria, because it is the direct cause of people trying to cling to power at all costs.

As a Commissioner in Gov. Obi’s Govt, how would you rate his performance?

I am part of that Government and would hurt objectivity if I try to judge it. I think the judgement is better left for “outsiders” to do. Whatever I say would be followed by people saying Ah, as a Government official, what do you expect him to say? I therefore leave it to you to do the assessment as you all are in the State and are witnesses to what is going on. Even as umpires, you can go out and seek the views of those who are in a position to tell you the brutal truth.

Sir, we can get your views and then balance it with the views of others, especially…

(Cuts in) Giving you my views is very easy; all I am saying is that those views cannot stand even for balancing. People comment about the Government of Peter Obi daily that my own is not, in my view, important. Let me even help you out. As the Governor of Anambra State, one thing we cannot take away from the Governor is abundance of energy that I do not know how many people can meet up with his pace. These days, if you read papers, you would have discovered that due to his policy about education that saw him returning schools back to their owners, he is much in contact with Church leaders, I mean credible Church leaders that do not have any reason to dissimulate facts.

I read in the papers how Archbishop Valerian Okeke of the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha reviewed what he is doing across all sectors and rated him as the best Governor Anambra State has had. He talked about how Obi is building a future for the State through overhaul of the education sector, building of roads across the State, attracting foreign investors, rebuilding the health sector, prompt payment of salaries and pensions after clearing the arrears owed for years, among others. He ended up by saying in Igbo, Odi ka Obi akona anyi, may we not lack a person like Obi.

I can go on and on. The other day I followed His Excellency to a function attended by the Catholic Bishop of Awka, Most Rev. Paulinus Ezeokafor. The bishop echoed his brother by saying that Obi was God’s gift to Anambra State. Having come down from Ihiala to Awka that day from Dr. Obinna Uzor’s function, the bishop said it took him about 30 minutes to make the trip whereas in the past the journey would have lasted 3 hours because of bad road. What does that show you? The bishop asked God in prayers to give the State a person as good as Obi if he could not give us a person better than him.

Of course you need to listen to Archbishop Efobi of the Anglican Communion. Talking about Obi, he quoted the Bible: “When the righteous are on the throne, the people rejoice.”

I can tell you that in Anambra today, everybody knows that Obi has done excellently. Some people who do not have character may want to prevaricate for one reason or the other. What I am saying is that politicians can see A and call it B because they have not been given money. I was at an occasion where somebody told the Governor that he was criticizing him because, even though he, the Governor, had tarred roads, that he had not tarred tongues and that it is with the same mouth with which the headmaster pronounces passes that he also pronounces failure.

Take the case of Chief Victor Umeh. He was among the number one supporters of Gov. Obi, he always glorified what the Governor was doing in the State, but when the Gov., for one reason or the other stopped tarring his tongue, he made a 360 degrees turn and started feeding falsehoods to the people.

Whatever way we look at it, Obi remains the best Governor Anambra has had. We are in the State and will be glad to see somebody break his records.

Where do we start? He has tarred over 700 Kilometers of roads and we are still counting. Almost every day he flags-off road projects and work is going on all of them. He constructed roads in the most difficult part of the State where nobody thought about until he came on board. In health, he has built a teaching hospital from the scratch, rehabilitated general hospitals, built new hospitals and health centres, bought hospital equipment, and got accreditation for the health institutions. As we speak, he is building, in partnership with the MDG, about 25 structures in missionary hospitals.

It was Obi who built the first secretariat in the state; the first and second massive business park, bought vehicles for ranking government officials in the executive, judiciary and legislature.

Mazi Odera


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