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How Police Officer Killed Army Officer In Port Harcourt

Something weird happened in Port Harcourt City when a police officer killed an army officer!

According to an eyewitness, Tony Osborn, trouble started when a Police officer on a check point spotted a civilian with a gun.

The Police Officer promptly pointed his gun at the “civilian”, ready to shoot.

The “civilian” says “I am army officer, don’t shoot, I am an officer.”

But before the army officer would try to identify himself, he is shot dead by the police officer.

It turns out to be true that the man on mufti (civilian) was indeed an army officer. This happened Wednesday night.

Mr. Osborn continues:

As expected, the army heard of the incident and decided to launch an attack yesterday morning against the Nigerian Police. The attack was against the entire police division and part of the community.

I came across the attack on my way to an official assignment yesterday.

Surprisingly, I was in my company police fitted Hilux vehicle and was approaching the police station where the army had laid a siege.

It was unusual for that particular part of Ada George Road to be locked up in an early morning traffic. My driver, by his own premonition decided to make a U-Turn.

It was later in the day that I was informed about the reason for that traffic.

May we never run into a situation where we would become casualty of two crazy security institutions trying to do to themselves what they have been doing to Nigerians.

By the way, is it right for an Army officer on mufti to move about with a gun, and is there no procedure a police officer must follow before opening fire even on a criminal? he concluded.

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