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How SE emerged world fastest developing economy with 9.2% annual growth under Zik/Okpara

Homeland development of the eastern region to the fastest developing economy in the world with 9.2% annual growth 1954-66 under Azikiwe/Okpara

Can one imagine where the Eastern Region would have been if the same H. E. Rt Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe who drew up this brilliant plan, let’s not forget with the brain box of Mazi Mbonu Ojike, the Region’s Finance Minister, did not make the mistakes of 1947, 1953, 1954 and 1959 in insisting on One Nigeria.

If in 1953 after the Kano Igbo massacre, he was not futuristic enough to encourage the Sardauna to impliment his 6-point threat, including secession, which would have freed of the troublesome baggage the North is to Nigeria.

Instead Dr. Azikiwe went on his knees begging the Sarduana to keep the North in Nigeria. Alu oh!

Again in 1954, Dr. Azikiwe scuttled Chief Awolowo’s proposal to provide in the independence Constitution the right to secede by the regions whenever any felt dissatisfied. The Sardauna had supported Chief Awolowo; but the Colonial Secretary over-ruled Chief Awolowo based on Azikiwe’s counter-presentations.

That provision would have humbled the arrogant Nigerian oligarchy whilst reassuring the rest of Nigerians of their right to equality under the Constitution.

BESIDES Biafra’s secession in 1967 would have been lawful if that provision were in the Constitution.

The sad and unfortunate current development is that the SE governors with its Igbo Leaders are falling into the same Azikiwe trap. No lessons learnt.

They disown secession for restructuring, with the MAHDI in Aso Rock rudely threatening & talking down on all who demand restructuring!

Why shouldn’t he abuse all of us, after our Governors led by shifty Dave Umahi and their Igbo leaders, have reassured him that Ndigbo are happy to remain slaves?

Chukwuemeka Onyesoh
Founding Transition Secretary
Ohanaeze Ndigbo 2000-2002, who set up Ohanaeze in the 5 states of the Southeast, Delta & Rivers

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