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How to Ruin a Political Career: A case Study of Saraki

How a few drops of wine instantly destroyed a once brilliant political star; it’s over!

He had a decent run, captivated a minimum of the

foremost fervent among Change believers from Kwara State, deceived by their Peoples Democratic Party counterparts. Here was a man; young, attractive and vibrant, having traits similar to former vice-president Atiku Abubakar (or a minimum of, one was imputed to him). He captivated listeners’ and viewers’ attention with a compelling story of rising from a humble circumstance to attain success.

This was a man who gave those who were most disturbed by former President Goodluck Jonathan’s Ijaw Apathy to corruption. Apparently less-empathetic, former Governor Bukola Saraki schemed his way to become Nigeria’s Senate President against all odds…  Four years in advance aiming to the next presidential election of “front-runner” status in the style of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In a political field where mere days or weeks, in political term” is infinite”.

He did an admirable job in Kwara State when he stood up against the most influential and giant political gladiator who is also his father by canvassing the people of Kwara state to vote in support of  the present Governor of Kwara State Ahmed Lawal as  oppose to his father’s choice, who was also his sister. Arguably, the election has become important in the history of Kwara State.

Then, he ruined it all.

What happened?  Was he undone by scandalous allegations of corruption?  What happened to Society General Bank loan and to the double-standard by which he declared his asset before the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), complicit media often sees to it that the careers (not to mention the lives) of the Senate President are ruined by such allegations.  (Politicians, meanwhile, are re-elected to the Senate several times and go on to serve as Senate President.)

Was he undone by scandalous allegations of corruption, and deceitful accumulation/declaration of assets with a political tone when drowning in mysterious circumstances after the Snake Man Politician senator plunges into the water off of APC’s Vineyard? While the senator somehow miraculously manages to escape harm during PDP’s Jonathan’s probe, but fails to report the slim chance escape, and allegedly went ahead to enlist friends and family to engage in a cover-up by voting APC’s Buhari?

Did he embezzle funds?  Take advantage of the people of Kwara, vulnerable, or infirm?  Cheat on his taxes?  Was his wife also invited by EFCC for “allege corrupt sharp practices”?  Yes.  Still, it’s not as though the young, over ambitious, inexperienced, corrupt, brash politician whom the indigenes Kwara State chose to represent their State in the senate had much of a chance against President Buhari’s enormous charisma and rhetorical brilliance in the first place.

Senator Saraki lost whatever fighting chance he may have had against the APC’s preferred candidate when he planned coup with the opposition PDP denying himself of sleep by laying in his car at 4am in the morning laying ambush for a meeting schedule for 10am, took over the leadership of the senate by trick shown on national television Sure, it was only a small sip a few drops at most but, the scandal!  The temerity!  The gall!  How gauche!  How can he ever expect the All Progressive Congress to trust him again?  Ah, well.  If he plays his cards right but only if he plays them exactly right by resigning now… he might have a future as a political pundit amongst the talking heads.

Happiness Okoka

President: Niger Delta Youth Coalition for Change (NDYCC)

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