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How Governor Umahi sold out Ndigbo to Fulani herdsmen

By Abia Onyike


Ebonyi state Governor Dave Umahi is the one behind the outrageous request to allow Fulani Herdsmen to create Vigilante Outfits in the South East.

Recall that after their recent Enugu summit where the proposal was announced, the Miyetti Allah people addressed the press and disclosed that Governor Umahi is their candidate to replace President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

Moreover Governor Umahi himself is a hardened political criminal and opportunist, an anarchist and fascist of the highest order.

He claims to be building roads in Ebonyi after pocketing the state.

All projects in Ebonyi are handled by his Brass Construction Company.

His filling stations are the only ones permitted to sell gas. He abolished scholarships in order to build roads, thereby making him the most notorious bully and illiterate in Igboland.

Scholarship is the most important thing Ebonyi needs. During Sam Egwu’ s tenure, he started the policy of sending 50 graduates abroad annually for Masters /PhD. Unfortunately, subsequent Governments never saw the merit of the programme.

Umahi pays half salaries to workers but built 15 mansions and a mini-stadium cum helicopter landing facility in his sprawling 50 acres compound in his village-all completed within the first six months after he was elected Governor in 2015.

He hires aircrafts for his movements within and outside Nigeria but has never paid retired civil servants their gratuities since 2015.

He is a dictator businessman, who closed the Government hotel Ebonyi Hotel and used his personal one to replace as the official hotel in Ebonyi.

He shared #50m each to service Chiefs in Abuja to be re-elected, doled out #300m to INEC and used #20b for vote buying during the last Guber Election in the state when the masses surged and battled to unseat him, but were silenced with brutal military force and crude rigging tactics.

Now, Umahi is desperately positioning himself for Presidency in 2023, having sold out Igboland to our enemies.

He sees himself as smart.

He is the one behind the plan to allow the Fulani Herdsmen set up Vigilante outfits in Igboland.

Unless we begin to checkmate him now, he is more vicious and slippery than Okorocha.

He uses people and dumps them.

In the past, he used former Gov. Martin Elechi to join politics in 2007 and got the man to make him state PDP Chairman.

In 2011, Elechi picked him from PDP Chair to become his Deputy Gov.In 2015 when Elechi announced that Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, former Health Minister will succeed him, Umahi declared war on Elechi, got Arthur Eze to invade Aso Rock, where #10b was alleged to have been used to get Mrs. Jonathan to adopt Umahi.

President Jonathan followed suit with former SGF Anyim Pius Anyim and Umahi was installed Gov. of Ebonyi against the wish and will of the then incumbent, Elechi.

Umahi has used his position as Chairman of South East Governors forum to penetrate everywhere.

He installed his elder brother, a retired General, the President of Ndigbo Lagos.

In 2015, he installed another of his elder brothers the new Traditional Ruler of his community, Uburu, by fiat.

In 2017 he brought his younger brother from nowhere and imposed him on South East PDP as the National Vice Chairman of the party at a Congress at the Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium Enugu. Another of his younger brother is the Ebonyi State Deputy Chairman of PDP.

All these from the same mother. Unless there is a solid plan to checkmate him, he will bamboozle Peter Obi, Ike Ekweremadu and other authentic Igbo leaders and meander his way to the Presidency, where he will unleash a bloody war on the system.

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