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Human Rights group vows to tackle problems of fatherless children

“No society can develop if fathers fail to support their children. So, DPA will now go after these fathers (and possibly mothers) who abandon their children.”

We have continued to receive messages like the one below:


“I have a serious issue with the father of my daughter. I don’t know how to go about it now, but I believe you’ll guide me through. 

The man and I got close for more than a year and I got pregnant. The moment he realized I was pregnant, he promised to take responsibility. 

From the moment he promised, he never did anything but sweet-mouth me. He never knew how I went for ante-natal clinic, he never knew how I fed or my shelter. 

I took care of myself from my business, not minding any behaviour from him. 

Up to the moment I put to bed, he never spent a dime on his daughter, not to talk of spending it on me…

I received a letter from her school that she has to complete her school fees before the end of this week, else her exams will be cancelled. 

Please help me. What do I do now?”


The story is usually like this: The man gets the woman pregnant and the man disappears and the woman is left alone to struggle with the baby/child for survival. 

These children are suffering. These women are calling DPA for help. We cannot ignore them anymore.

No society can develop if fathers fail to support their children. So, DPA will now go after these fathers (and possibly mothers) who abandon their children. 

These children need to go to school. They need to eat food and they need to have housing, to the extent that the fathers could afford so.

You cannot be in hotel lounges enjoying life when your child is left without food somewhere. So, DPA will begin to intervene to help these women. 

We may not have the money necessary for all the cases. But we must at least do something. We may embarrass the father of the child. 

We shall figure out what to do to help these little children.

Last week, I got a case like this. Thank God the man was on Facebook. 

I contacted him and threatened to publish his pictures and the pictures of his child whom he had abandoned. The man begged. 

Immediately, he sent 250k to the mother of his child to stop me from publishing his pictures. But before we do that, the man will be given the chance to accept that he is the father. 

If he denies that he is the father, he must provide his DNA material so that the woman can conduct DNA test with DPA’s help to prove the man is the father. 

Once we know you are the father and the child is suffering while you are having fun, we shall stop your fun unless you feed your child and send him or her to school. 

DPA is coming after this type of men.

Any man who is having unprotected sex should think twice and convince himself he is ready to bear the economic cost of raising any child that results from such reckless behavior.

By Emeka Ugwuonye

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