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Hurricane Ifeanyi Ubah may yet turn things around as governor of Anambra State — By Godson Moneke


I have not met Ifeanyi Ubah in person and he does not know me either. I have however watched him from a distance and done some investigations on his person. I have been reluctant to write this because I am not into partisan politics but I am compelled to speak out because of what I see as unconscionable vilification of a young man who has done so much for humanity. Therefore, by writing this I am doing a just duty to my conscience. I strongly believe that he may be the MESSIAH we have been waiting for in Anambra State. Like all Christians know, the Messiah came from unexpected QUARTERS AND BACKGROUND. Like Jesus Christ, Ifeanyi Ubah may not parade all the Certificates in this world but he is highly KNOWLEDGEABLE AND INTELLECTUALLY SOUND. It was the same thing that confused the PHARISEES in the Bible who though believed that the Messiah would come but never believed he had already come in the person of JESUS THE CHRIST because Jesus Christ had no DIPLOMA to back up his WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE AND PREACHINGS.

I took cursory note of Ifeanyi Ubah about fifteen years ago when as a young man he took the highly restricted but well prized Oil and Gas Sector in Nigeria by storm. Within a short time he became the biggest player in the DOWNSTREAM PETROLEUM SUB-SECTOR of the Nigerian economy. His company, CAPITAL OIL AND GAS LTD became a household name all over Nigeria. He owned the biggest TANK FARM in Nigeria and built petroleum depots across the country . Because of his huge investments in INFRASTRUCTURE, he became the darling of the government-owned corporate behemoth, NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION (NNPC) who approached him and entered into PARTNERSHIP with him for effective and efficient distribution of petroleum products nationwide . It was a mutually beneficial business relationship. The level to which his BUSINESS DEXTERITY thrust him was never imagined or even dreamt of by his PEERS and even those who were in business before him. Hence, peer group jealousy and mud slinging set in.

I have a friend whom I contributed money for him to go and work in China. He landed safely in China and after about a year or so I did not hear from him again. I thought of so many things and settled for the fact that he had become rich and decided to cut off communications with me. Years passed and I did not hear from him. Then one day in 2015, I heard a knock on the door of my apartment in Lagos and upon opening the door, behold it was that my ‘lost’ friend . After we have had foods and drinks in my house, we began some catching up. My first question to him was; WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN AND WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL THESE YEARS? His answer threw me off-guard. It was; I HAVE BEEN IN CHINESE PRISON. My second question was; WHAT CRIME DID YOU COMMIT? His answer was ; MY PAPERS EXPIRED AND THEIR IMMIGRATION RAIDED OUR APARTMENT, ARRESTED US AND PUT US AWAY IN THEIR PRISON . My third question was; HOW DID THEY TREAT YOU IN THE PRISON IN TERMS OF FEEDING? His answer was; THE MAJOR MEAL WAS WHITE RICE DISSOLVED IN WATER LIKE PAP WITH NOTHING TO GO WITH IT. My mouth was agape and wide open (involuntary action) and I retorted; THIS PEOPLE ARE WICKED AND INHUMANE. Then my fourth question was; HOW DID YOU COME OUT OF THE PRISON AND RETURN TO NIGERIA? His answer was; ONE MAN(Ifeanyi Ubah’s manager in China) SENT BY IFEANYI UBAH PAID THE FINES FOR ALL NIGERIANS IN THE CHINESE PRISON INCLUDING THEIR DEPORTATION AIRFARES BACK TO NIGERIA. HE ALSO GAVE ALL OF US SOME CASH TO HOLD ON OUR WAYS BACK. My last question was; WHICH IFEANYI UBAH? His answer was; THE OWNER OF CAPITAL OIL AND GAS. This is verifiable because the people involved were from all tribes and ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The question to ask is; Is Ifeanyi Ubah the richest person in Nigeria and why are other Nigerian rich men not assisting fellow Nigerians especially those suffering in various prisons abroad for minor offenses bordering on poverty? What happened to the Nigerian embassies in those countries in providing Consular Assistance to Nigerians especially those in similar situations as my friend. It is frustration and desperation that drive some youths out of Nigeria and that is why I plead with those in government leaderships to show mercy on the less fortunate ones in the society. People should not just disappear only to come out during elections and be talking nonsense and making highfalutin speeches. Antecedents matter a lot. We need to profile those who want to be our Governor. We need somebody who knows and practises EMPATHY because PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING.In Capital Oil and Gas Petroleum Filling Station’s dotted all over the country, a given number of commercial motorcyclists are given a full tank of petrol daily per Filling Station courtesy of Ifeanyi Ubah. As we all know, these are the poorest of the poor and Ifeanyi Ubah is giving them a HELPING HAND. Ifeanyi Ubah has sent many young men ( most of whom he did not know) to China, to study in their universities, study their work ethics, culture and gain some expertise before coming back to Nigeria prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

TRANSFORMATION AMBASSADORS OF NIGERIA (TAN) was the most versatile political movement in annals of Nigeria’s political history which was not a political party. It was FOUNDED AND FUNDED BY IFEANYI UBAH. It had a reach and network never seen in Nigeria. A lot of people in all professions were employed by TAN during its time. The organization and network that went into TAN showed that the person behind that body is an INTELLECTUAL JUGGERNAUT. That person is Ifeanyi Ubah who is contesting the governorship seat of Anambra State later this year.

During COVID-19 , a global pandemic and which Nigeria had its fair share, Ifeanyi Ubah convened the ANAMBRA PROGRESSIVES , a group of Anambra State technocrats and businessmen and women based in Nigeria and diaspora to build and equip ultra-modern infectious diseases hospitals in the THREE SENATORIAL ZONES of Anambra state. This is leadership per excellence and can only come from somebody who has milk of humanity flowing in his veins. Right now, he is building WARDS in some General Hospitals in his native Anambra State. The question to ask is; Where are other rich men and Gubernatorial Candidates especially those who have held and amassed stupendous wealth from PUBLIC OFFICES IN THE PAST? Ifeanyi Ubah is a PRIVATE BUSINESSMAN WHO HAS NOT HELD ANY EXECUTIVE PUBLIC OFFICE BEFORE.

In the history of Nigeria, nobody has won a SENATE SEAT WITH A BRAND NEW POLITICAL PARTY except IFEANYI UBAH WITH THE YOUNG PROGRESSIVES PARTY(YPP). He defeated all the big wigs and serial candidates and contestants from older parties to emerge WINNER IN THE CONTEST. In the Senate, he has emerged as the BEST AND MOST PRODUCTIVE FIRST TERM SENATOR. He is without doubt, the most effective Senator that Anambra State has produced since its creation. What happened to those who were in the National Assembly before him? They had all the qualifications and certifications, yet they remained BENCH WARMERS throughout their stay in the National Assembly. Some of the current ones are now trying to COPY HIM BUT A COPY CANNOT BE THE ORIGINAL. The question is; Why didn’t they do those in their previous tenures. People are seeing through their DECEITS.

The enviable roles in bringing succor and reliefs to Igbo Traders in Lagos state when their markets (either Ladipo Market or Trade Fair-ASPAMDA Markets) were closed down indefinitely and only opened at the intervention of Ifeanyi Ubah is still fresh in our minds.It wasn’t once and it wasn’t twice, yet Ifeanyi Ubah is a private citizen who recently became a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. These interventions predated his election into the Senate. What of his roles in the amicable settlement of disputes among Traders in various Markets in Lagos State where a lot of our people reside and trade? These Traders hail from different southeast states and beyond. They are all not from Anambra State. The question to ask is; WHERE WERE OTHER INFLUENTIAL IGBO CITIZENS WHEN IFEANYI UBAH WAS SINGLE-HANDEDLY DOING THESE? Today the Chicken has come home to roost and those candidates who never assisted their COMPATRIOTS IN TIMES OF NEED think they can bamboozle and blow the people off-course by speaking big English and showcasing some phantom Certificates.

Many people especially from NNEWI with all their big qualifications have tried to become GOVERNOR of Anambra state and failed hence some of them are grumbling because what they failed to achieve is now within an EARSHOT of the young man with a humble background. These people are in the MINORITY but people must realize that what GOD HAS DESTINED TO BE MUST BE. His name is EBUBECHUKWUZO because WHAT GOD CANNOT DO DOES NOT EXIST!!!!

I have seen a viral video on a soured business deal between Ifeanyi Ubah and a popular motor dealer. The video is recycled because that video is about ten years old. The intention of those who are recycling that video are definitely less than noble. An average CRIMINOLOGIST WILL DESCRIBE THAT VIDEO AS HOGWASH because it has no substance and contained many GAPS AND UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. An average man is not expected to draw a conclusion by listening to ONE SIDE OF THE STORY ALONE because it depends on who is talking. But what happened to FAIR HEARING? Has the man who is shouting ever told anybody that there was a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (NDA) BETWEEN THE PARTIES? Why was the young man arm twisted into signing an NDA? Is it normal for an astute and experienced business man conduct a business of about $150 million with an individual without proper documentation but on TRUST. This is what I call BULLSHIT. We have not been told the whole truth about that BUSINESS GONE SOUR. Let parties ventilate their various positions in court and save us the drama. The Courts are the best place to settle business disagreements and not the media. Why didn’t the man shouting in the media go to Court if he had his facts and they are unassailable? The Court will unmask and reveal the truth. THE HUNTER MAY BECOME THE HUNTED WHEN THE COURT REMOVES THE VEIL. Till the acclaimed injured party goes to Court, people should refrain from commenting on what they know little or nothing about.

Some political detractors have tried to de market him using his relationship with AMCON. The truth according to the last CONSENT JUDGEMENT BY THE FEDERAL HIGH COURT is that it is AMCON that is owing him. The question that credible minds should be asking is; WHY IS AMCON RENEGING ON IMPLEMENTING THE CONSENT JUDGEMENT WHICH THEY WILLINGLY SIGNED BEFORE IT WAS DELIVERED AS JUDGEMENT OF THE COURT? It is AMCON that is behaving like it is above the law, arm twisting, harassing and blackmailing a private citizen and his business because it is a Federal Government Agency. This rascality should be totally condemned by well meaning Nigerians rather than pummeling the victim and more vulnerable party. At the fullness of time when AMCON is asked to pay INTERESTS ON THE JUDGEMENT DEBT PEOPLE WILL BEGIN TO SHOUT BLUE MURDER. Government employees should stop hiding behind the powers of the State to commit atrocities against the fundamental human rights of fellow Nigerians both corporate and real. I wish to repeat that people should get their facts right before commenting on business relationships between two parties especially when finance is involved because guilty people spread a lot of lies against the innocent parties.

On the matter between him and Chief Gabriel Chukwuma(Gabros), since parties have submitted the matter to the Courts for adjudication, it is better to allow the Courts to do their jobs without let and hindrance. Commenting on a matter before the Courts is SUBJUDICE and people should refrain from that. The Courts are on top of the situation and do not require anybody’s assistance to do their work.

Regarding an alleged role by Ifeanyi Ubah in the recent arrest of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB fame by the Federal Government of Nigeria, those who peddle such FALSEHOOD are very WICKED and DUMB. To ascribe a role played by government SECURITY AND INTELLIGENCE agencies to a private citizen is a joke taken too far. Some people do not know that the SECURITY ARMADA AND INFRASTRUCTURE of the federal government are ENORMOUS. The NIGERIAN INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (NIA) is CLINICALLY EFFICIENT and you underestimate them at your peril. To associate private individuals to the arrest of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is crass irresponsibility and a targeted insult to the Security Agencies of the Federal Government and their enormous capacities. You do not trivialize serious matters which are definitely BEYOND YOUR GRASP by telling Cock and Bull Stories.

We have tried academic giants in Anambra State before, LET US TRY AN INTELLECTUAL GIANT. Let us try SOMEBODY WHO CAN THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. I have high expectations of Anambra state with Ifeanyi Ubah as Governor. He has enviable antecedents which cannot be matched by the Candidates of other political parties. Even those who have held strategic public offices in the Executive Branch at the Federal Government level have nothing for the people except stories and personal wealth for themselves and families. Ifeanyi Ubah has a huge investment portfolio in Anambra state which Candidates of other parties can only but dream about despite the age difference. He has provided employment to thousands of youths in the state amongst other visible legacies and achievements.

Let the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) use the Anambra State election to showcase their CAPACITY AND INDEPENDENCE so that VOTERS WILL TEST AND DECIDE ONTHE ELECTABILITY OF THE CANDIDATES ON PARADE. There are candidates who shamelessly rely on rigging to be declared winners in elections they genuinely lost. Such thefts of the electorates mandate is the worst CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY for any living soul.

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