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I Accuse Anambra Govt Of Murder Of Late Fr. Edmund Nwagbala

Anaedoline revelation on the death of Fr Nwagbala is itself shocking By Augustine Ikeh Synod


This falsehood affected me in so many ways and therefore I choose not to ignore it.

As a member of the ancient and noble order of the Knight of Saint John International protectimg the church against media attack of this magnitude will not be abandoned to the office of the diocesan chancellor.

Like McAnthony in Williams Shakespeare’s Julius Caeser, I will say “I come to mourn Caeser and not to praise him”; therefore, I come to mourn Fr. Edmund Nwagbala and not to praise him. He was a friend, formator and father faithful to me and just, but Anaedoline alledged that he was killed because he wanted to be a bishop. Such degree of falsehood must be condemned by all who understand the magisterium and sacred traditions of the Holy Mother Church.

I must as a matter of direction note that no office in the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi that is labelled as the Dean of the Diocese. In Diocesan level, we may have the Vicar General, the Chancellor, the Diocesan Sacretary ecetera but not the Dean. Deans are for Deanary. Therefore, late Fr. Edmund Nwagbala could not have been the Dean of Nnewi Catholic Diocese as such office do not exist (no fundamentum in rei)

Furthermore, we do not have His Grace. The bishop of Nnewi is His Lordship Most Rev. Hilary Paul Odilichukwu Okeke the local ordinary of the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi (known as Nna Ora) and a very important person in my life and he has no favourites.

Note well, the process of appointing a Catholic bishop is very different from that of other christian denomination and, or religious sects. While I may not be in position to educate you on the process, but i wish to save us the ignorance of dangerously assuming that Catholic bishops are appointed by popular opinion or elections by priests within the diocese; its very far from it.

While every activity of the church is directed by the Holy Spirit in accordance with the Sacred Scripture, Sacred Traditions and Magisterium of the Holy Mother Church, its imperative to note that the Local Ordinary sends names of possible successors every three years to Rome wrapped up in serious confidentiality, back up with prayers. This is solely the prerogative of the diocesan bishop.

However, the church has fundamental requirements principal among them is that the candidate so submitted must have a PhD in some stipulated areas of theology; like the biblical theology or at least a licenciate in those areas of theology so stipulated by the Holy Mother Church.

Late Fr Edmund Nwagbala has a PhD in philosophy and taught philosophy in Bigard as a lecturer and not theology. This permutation of late Fr. Edmund Nwagbala being a possible successor or prime SUCCESSOR to the Cathedral of Nnewi diocese ought to have ended as a street talk and not to be encouraged by an online media like the Anaedoline. If not for anything, such insinuations could even mislead the police investigation and as such render same a venture in futility.

This is not in anyway saying who is or who is not qualified to assume the Cathedral, but questioning how such a secret exercise that is not even known to the priests of the diocese could be a public knowledge among the laity; especially, non Catholics. I am certain that save those who have Ph.D in relevant fields of theology, the Local Ordinary rarely consider candidates with minimal qualifications as successors, especially, in this time of great pastoral challenge.

Late Fr Edmund Nwagbala has life outside the Catholic priesthood and participated actively in politics of Anambra state , while that may define the interest of the political class in his death, I wonder why they are in a haste to push such blame to the church which is a sacred entity of over two thousand years old and happens to be about the only institution in the known world that commits more time and energy in the formation of the clergy and religious.

The Catholic diocese of Nnewi through the Chancellor Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyginus Aghaulo have attributed the cause of death to inverter charger and that is the position of the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi.

Therefore, if the current government of Anambra state is so certain that late Fr. Edmund Nwagbala was murdered, they should also be questioned, because late Fr. Nwagbala is very much part of this government by association . The state government should bring in scientific apparatus for the investigation and not a deliberate attempt to mislead the world through social media handles.

Presently, they alleged that police arrested some Catholic priests in relation to the murder, but information available to me proves otherwise, no Catholic priest was arrested by the police till date in relation to the state alleged MURDER.

One may not conclusively state that late Fr. Edmund Nwagbala died of natural CAUSE, its also a grave error to state that he did not die of natural CAUSE and more astonishing to reduce such causal link to assumption of a Cathedral still occupied by a very active and agile bishop.

We must develop a culture fully founded on true knowledge and not falsehood if we must move this nation forward.

My sincere empathy goes to the Catholic priests of Nnewi diocese who have lost a brother and the local ordinary who lost a son in late Fr. Edmund Nwagbala. The priesthood is of Christ and he was by the virtue of his call and ordination “a victim “.

Requiescat in pacem Fr. Edmund

Sir Augustine Ike (KSJI)

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