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I am going to the Senate – Peter Obi

“Let me make it clear that after series of consultations following the pressure on me to contest for the Senate, I have accepted to do so.” – Obi

 “Yes, you’ve heard that I am coming out for Senate.

“Gone are the days we send people to represent us and they go there to get fat and not to project and protect the interest of the Senatorial zone that sent them.

“Since almost all the states are presenting ex- 2 time governors;

“Since all the chairmen of choice committee in the senate are all ex governors;

“It simply means that ex-governor talking with ex-governor… the language will be easily understood.

“There is no meaning if you are playing Football and the opponents field Messi and your team fields street champion.

“The best bet is to field Ronaldo against Messi for a balanced result.

“They all send ex- 2 time Governors to represent them.

“We have to send an Ex 2 time Governor who also served as Vice Chairman Governors Forum ka ochita oke diri anyi na Senate.” – Ex-Governor Peter Obi at ASPAMDA Lagos

Why Igbos Must Work together – Obi

The former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi said that Igbos had no option in Nigeria than to work together for the good of the Igbos and Nigerians at large. 

Obi said this yesterday at the 16th anniversary of the movement of Auto Spare Parts and Machinery Dealers Association (ASPMDA) from Idumota to the International Trade Fair Complex, Lagos.

Obi was honoured as the Grand Patron of the group for his commitment and evident achievements.

He said that one of the ways for the Igbos to get their due in Nigeria was by their sending their bests to the National Assembly to represent them. 

His words: “Let me make it clear that after series of consultations following the pressure on me to contest for the Senate, I have accepted to do so. 

“I am, in fact, in the race.

“I have studied the National Assembly as it is now and discovered that many States are represented by past Governors, who are holding important positions.

“I am convinced that if I go there, I will join other illustrious Igbo sons and work for Anambra and the South-East. 

“I will work very well with past Governors, my colleagues, who are there. When other States are sending  their Messi to play for them, we have to send  our own Ronaldo to match them.”

Obi later commissioned the Clinic Complex built by ASPMDA in commemoration of their anniversary.

He urged Igbos to stand firm wherever they are.

He, however, urged them to always fulfill their civic responsibilities at all times.

In his speech, the President of ASPMDA, Dr. DC Oforkansi said that his administration would continue to work for the good of traders. 

He thanked Mr. Peter Obi for identifying with them at all times and for showing what good governance is for others to emulate.

Speaking earlier, the Chairman of the occasion, Chief Tony Oforma called for Mr. Peter Obi to be named the Ambassador of Igbo Nation.

According to him, Obi is a man who had been tested and who proved his onions in all ramifications.

Mazi Odera

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