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I am not a dot in a circle ~ By Onwuasoanya Jones

It is convenient to accept a wrong description of yourself or your tribe and twist the description to fit some ideals and theories that are more noble, but I am not the kind of person to go with the crowd or the mob in anything.

If you call me an eagle in a negative connotation, I will not accept that comparison merely because the eagle is a beautiful and the most admirable bird.

I will tell you the kind of description of the eagle I fit, and not the ones in your wicked imaginations against me.

By now, I expect that a responsible presidency would have come out to clarify what the Commander-in-Chief meant by the highly contentious and variously (mis)interpreted “dot-in-a-circle” statement.

But, it all appears that both the President and the presidency feel comfortable with the controversies generated by that statement.

No matter the beautiful interpretations given to that statement by the ever creative and resilient Igbo youths, the truth remains that if the President actually meant to describe the Igbo’s place in the Nigerian union with that analogy, the immediate interpretation anyone would give to it is that the Igbos are an insignificant lot in the Nigerian union, and if this is the case, it will be recorded in history as the most derisive, divisive and irresponsible speech by any President in the history of this nation.

Not even during the civil war would it be condoned if a Nigerian President had inferred that the Igbos are an encircled, endangered and a helpless component of the Nigerian union.

The Igbos are an indispensable leg in the tripod that make up Nigeria and if it is fitting enough for Nigeria to be represented with a circle then Ndigbo are a significant component of the main circle.

We are the most industrious, the most patriotic and about the most visible ethnic group in the Nigerian union. We are not a kind of expendable ornament in a circle, but the line in that circle, that when deleted makes that circle, incomplete.

We are not the dot that when cleaned off, leaves the circle intact. If we leave this “circle”, it will no longer be a circle as a significant part of it has been removed.

If the President had meant to describe us as the nucleus of the Nigerian “circle” or the center of gravity or refer to our indispensability or relevance in the Nigerian union, he wouldn’t have saved us any ambiguity and hit the nail right on the head, especially, given that the temperament of the time require such healing speeches from the father of the nation.

The President’s inference would be forgiven and even apposite if he was referring to the place of the IPOB in the Igbo collective. IPOB is an almost insignificant but loud group within the Igbo collective.

Among Igbo’s close to 40 million population, I doubt if there are up to 500,000 people who are actively IPOB or even 20,000 who are actively ESN.

So, the President would be right to conclude that the IPOB are noisy irritants who do not represent the Igbo nation nor speak for her.

Like I pointed out in an earlier post, if the President wants to respond to issues concerning the Igbos, he knows those to listen to. We are not a people without a leadership. We have elected officials at different levels of government, we have the Ohaneze Ndigbo, we have several recognized youth bodies and we have the church leadership in Igbo land, that the President chose to judge the Igbos by what one con-man led group is saying or doing is mischievous.


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