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I and four others imposed Buhari on Nigerians – Obasanjo


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that he and four other eminent Nigerians brought President Muhammadu Buhari to salvage Nigeria from its current challenges.

He said they took the decision when they felt that the country stood at a crossroads.

Obasanjo said, “Three or four other of us from different part of the country got together and said to ourselves what do we do

“We said what is the problem with us and why are we still not growing. We got talking and knew we needed to do something.

“What do we need to deal with for this Nigeria of ours to become what God has created it to be. A land flowing with milk and honey, that is the intention of God for creating Nigeria.”

OBJ just announced at a gala night in Taraba that he and four other ’eminent’ Nigerians brought PMB and dashed him to us to save us. He didn’t mention the names of his associates who rule/decide/vote for us, but we can hazard a guess. It may be remembered that in 1998 it was the duo of IBB and his cousin Abdulsalaam Abubakar who was Head of State then, that brought OBJ out of prison and imposed him on us. In a similar manner OBJ after his third term bid failed, recruited a sick ‘Umoru’ and his running mate GEJ and anointed them President and Vice. When the ‘accidental’ president GEJ tried to free himself from the godfathers he was black spotted and his days as president numbered. It should now dawn on us that we are all mere pawns in a political chess game being played by a handful of guys; the class of July 1966. — Maxi Okwu

The former President, who spoke on Thursday at a reception held in his honour at the Government House, Yola, Taraba State, said so far, Buhari had not disappointed the country.

He said, “So far, Buhari has not disappointed us. I trust him, he will not fail Nigerians. I know he will overcome the challenges the country is currently facing.”

He, however, said Nigeria needed to get its acts right in the area of politics, governance and leadership for the country to develop.

According to the Cable, Obasanjo reiterated his decision to dump the Peoples Democratic Party was final.

He said that having drawn the curtain on his membership of the PDP, there is no coming back.

Obasanjo said, “In the part of the country where I come from, there is a saying that you cannot say ‘good night’ and come back to say ‘good evening’ in the same place.

“So for me, it is good night for the PDP and that is all.”

It will be recalled the former president dumped the PDP in a dramatic manner.

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