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I don’t believe in Biafra but promises of Biafra ~ Ijele speaks


Chukwuka Chizorom Ofoegbu who hailed from Umuduru Amandugba in Isu LGA of Imo state; popularly known as Ijele Speaks bared his mind on Biafra agitation.

Ijele speaks is popularly known for his exposition of fake pastors and his unalloyed stance against fake people and extortion of the public. Formerly domiciled in Turkey and more concerned about the good of entire Igbo nation in Nigeria through accountability campaign.

Ijele Speaks was massively outspoken during the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu with his Facebook live streaming and gained favourable rating of IPOB members and other liberal Igbos who felt Nnamdi Kanu was unjustly being persecuted for his political belief.

Last year; Ijeke Speaks had remarkable fallout with IPOB leadership which led to the organization urging all their members to start Facebook online streaming to counter Ijele Speaks. The issue did not go down well for Ijele Speaks and Nnamdi Kanu who was determined to limit the influence of Ijele Speaks platform.

Speaking on a wide range of issues. He highlighted his stance on the issue of Biafra.

“No; I don’t believe in Biafra. Honestly, I believe that Biafra has brought the Igbo nation nothing good. From one mass death to another and contrary to what some people believe, it has hampered our political progress in Nigeria” Ijele Speaks was quoted when posed with the question of his belief in Biafra.

However; Ijele Speaks did not detail if his present belief was as a result of his problem with IPOB or a long nursed belief. While he admitted to have fought for Nnamdi Kanu while in detention and campaigned for his acceptance in Igbo land; it is hard to write off the misunderstanding between him and IPOB as the catalyst of his stance.

Going further; he seemed to have aligned with all the reasons Biafra is being agitated for but maintained his stance that the ‘promises’ of Biafra can be actualized in a united Nigeria.

“That does not mean I don’t believe in the promises of Biafra, but that is just all it is. A promise. I believe in making our land a prosperous place through science and technology and the harnessing of our immense human resources” he expatiated.

Ijele Speaks in dismissing Biafra agitation has another alternative he deems more realistic- through which everything we want in Biafra can be achieved without bloodshed or sovereignty.

“We can achieve all that (promises of BIAFRA) as things stand today; if we can with one voice hold our elected officials responsible. If you take a look at the amount of money that has been poured into Igbo land since 1999 at least, you’d belive with me that our economic freedom rest not on Biafra or Biafra alone but organizing our society to function as it should”

Without further saying how these elected officials can be held responsible (by jungle justice) as the constitution did not give provision to the common people to hold officials responsible while the very constitution through the court that can hold elected officials embezzling public funds accountable is corrupt and technically handled by the same politicians embezzling public funds. Yet; Ijele Speaks doesn’t believe dismantling the sovereignty of Nigeria as a solution to Igbo marginalization.

“We don’t need the breakup of Nigeria first to achieve that” he said but doubled down this time.

“That is also not saying that Nigeria may never be partitioned one day. There was no Nigeria 110 years ago and there is no guarantee that there would be Nigeria in the next 110 years”

Ijele Spekas believes that talking about Biafra or occupying ourselves with Biafra is simply falling into a deliberate political scheme championed by politicians using Nnamdi Kanu as a smokescreen.

“Until then (110 years Nigeria might be no more) I don’t think we should be wasting our political capital talking about Biafra which today is nothing but a political scheme for some people in our political class and some criminals using it to make money, and wasting countless lives doing so” he concluded.

Interview compiled and conducted by Ifeanyi Chijioke

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