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I have not suffered a stroke – Chief Arthur Nzeribe



I am hale and hearty – Chief Arthur Nzeribe

The attention of Chief Senator Francis Arthur Nzeribe has been drawn to the hateful speeches going on against him in the media, especially the social media, including the unfounded runour that he has a stroke.

Chief Nzeribe should have ignored this hateful rumour, but “to set the record straight”, this brief response is offered to the effect that “the rumour is false as I don’t have a stroke.”

He added: “At 79 years old, I am hale and hearty and not suffering from a stroke. I am not in my community, Oguta, in Imo State. I am resting in my house in Abuja. And I thank God for keeping me healthy and allowing me see old age.

“Life and death are in God’s hands, and God willing I will remain hale and hearty and not suffer a stroke until such a time when God calls me home. And no amount of hateful speech can change or alter God’s plans for me or anyone else.

“I am not suffering from stroke and I cannot wish anyone to suffer stroke. But to those manufacturing and spreading this hateful speech against me, I wish them the best.

“God has deemed it fit for me to see old age in good health, and there is nothing more to ask from God.”


Collins Ughalaa, Chief Press Secretary to Chief Senator Francis Arthur Nzeribe.


The photo and text circulating on social media that annoyed Chief Nzeribe

“Above is Author Nzeribe living like an invalid at his country home in Orlu, IMO State. At the height of his life, he lived in Nixon Hilton Hotel Abuja Presidential Suite for over 20yrs. So also Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos. He rode on Rolls Royce cars IN London and Lagos. Had Mansions in major cities of the world. Had private jets. Was one time an enfant terrible of Nigeria’s Politics. He helped led IBB to June 12 inbroglio and Late Abatcha’s attempted transmutation to Civilian President in 1998. Today, he lives a pathetic life at the mercy of aides and Nurses. Life is moving on in Nigeria and the world without him. Money, cars, houses, private jets, and jet life are all Vanities upon Vanity. May God Almighty continue to bless us with Good and sound health, peace of mind and contentment today and forever, Ameen.” – Anonymous

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