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I left Nnamdi Kanu after I discovered he is a dictator and serial liar ~ Kalu Nwokoro Idika


One of the former media hitman of the proscribed Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Kalu Nwokoro Idika has recounted to ElombahNews the reason why he abandoned Nnamdi Kanu and the movement. He described Kanu as a dictator and serial liar who has succeeded in deceiving and destroying the lives of many youths in the Southeast region of Nigeria.

What prompted you in the first place to join the movement?

I was compelled to join the movement in the first place because of the lopsided and unfair nature of Nigeria. The present situation of the country is very pitiable. Look at a rich nation like Nigeria is now the capital of poverty in the world. Millions of youths are littered on the streets, no job and the possibilities of getting one comes with a price. In Nigeria, for one to get a job, there must be a godfather somewhere that will help to facilitate the entire process. Merit and competence doesn’t count. So, when Nnamdi Kanu appeared with his gospel of Biafra and how it will be restored, I thought there could be possible liberation from it so I decided to test the content of his message. Though, it took me time to accept it considering our past experience with MASSOB.

What role did you play in the movement?

When I volunteered to help in the movement, I joined the media wing. As a graduate of Political Science from University of Nigeria, Nsukka and freelance journalist too, I felt I could bring my expertise to bear in the movement. Even before I volunteered to serve in the group, I was writing independently, lending my voice to the activities of the outlawed organization. I decided to participate fully after Nnamdi Kanu was arrested in Lagos. One day, Emeka Gift, former IPOB National coordinator in Ivory Coast and director of Family Writers Press (FWP), a media wing of IPOB announced through his Facebook page that the movement was in need of writers. After reading his appeal coupled with the tempo at which the movement was going, I decided to help. That was how my journey started.

Were you writing according to your own thoughts while in IPOB?

No, I wasn’t. I was writing according to the dictates of the group. Remember, IPOB operates under command and control principles. You don’t dare write anything from personal perspective. If you do, automatically, the person will be sanctioned and probably dismissed from the organization. There were a lot of IPOB officers that monitored writers and what they write. Moreover, for one to be recognized in the movement, you must learn how to write lies and sing the praises of Nnamdi Kanu. Many of the so called Biafran journalists you see doesn’t have a mind of their own.

What actually caused your problem with Kanu?

My problem with Nnamdi Kanu started when I questioned some anomalies in the movement. You know, Kanu made himself in a way that no one makes the mistake of questioning whatsoever decision he takes in the group. I became worried after the election of 2019. The initial agreement back then was that the election will be boycotted. A press statement was issued by IPOB’s publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, urging the people of Southeast to gear up for a possible referendum. Journalists were mobilised to different States, zones and units to sensitise the people about it. Unfortunately, when we got to the peak of the whole campaign, Nnamdi Kanu suddenly made a revise and suspended the boycott through radio Biafra. Not only that, he lied to our people that the terms and conditions of IPOB had been met (which was signed, sealed and delivered deal). Our people were asked to go and vote when millions of voters card were already abandoned at various INEC offices across the region all in the name of election boycott and referendum. How will they vote without voters card? Kanu never thought about that damage.

Some of us decided not to ask questions at that very time. The few of us who became infuriated over the decision of Kanu decided to wait for the election to be over which we did. When I finally asked the powers that be the content of the deal that was signed, boom, attacks were coming from every angle. Some of his thugs started asking what gave me the temerity to question Nnamdi Kanu and the content of the deal that was signed. That was when I became aware that Kanu and his co criminals aren’t genuine. Then I said, if it has gotten to this level, I will leave the group. After a week, I issued an official press statement, informing the general public that I have left the group. Mind you, leaving the group gave me the gut to question their fraud.

In your numerous commentaries, you called Nnamdi Kanu a dictator and serial liar, why?

Of course, he is a dictator and serial liar. If he is not, why is he always afraid of questioning? Is he God? Even God is not above questioning. There are certain situation that can make a man to question God. After all, our God is democratic in nature. Kanu is a man that doesn’t want anybody to ask him questions. Anything he says is final. That is nonsense to me. I won’t tolerate such man. He will lie and also ask you to defend it when the same lie could probably take your head. He lied about UN supervised referendum, 40 million ballot papers, Hitech farming and none existing Biafran soldiers. The lies are too numerous to mention. When one attempt to question him why all these promises never saw the light of the day, automatically, you will be tagged a saboteur, Fulani blood and DSS paid agent. The next action is your elimination. With all these, why won’t I call him a dictator and serial liar?

What advise do you have for the youths of the region?

Well, I will only advise the youths to stay away from Nnamdi Kanu. He has nothing to offer. Kanu is full of emptiness and noise. Yes, Nigeria has never treated us fine. I’m not pushing that fact out of the picture. Frankly speaking, I’m angry with Nigeria, likewise millions of Nigerian youths out there. But I will not buy the idea of pursuing justice in the manner the fugitive leader of IPOB is doing. Abusing the elders and threatening to kill people with contrary views is just stupid. We must apply caution and diplomacy in our dealings.

Do you support Igbo presidency in 2023?

Yes I do but even if an Igbo man should become the president in 2023, nothing will change in Nigeria. The major problem of Nigeria is the 1999 constitution. That military constitution should be discarded completely. The constitution is fraudulent because Nigerians never vetoed it.

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