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I respect Tyrant Buhari & his cabal more than Aisha ~ By Charles Ogbu


As counter-intuitive as it might sound, I have more respect for Tyrant Buhari and his cabal than I do for that duplicitous woman called Aisha Buhari. There has never lived a more manipulative character than that our First Lady.

Aisha is part and parcel of our Pharaoh and should no longer be allowed to play the Moses. A very deceptive woman mining the emotion and naivety of Nigerians for her own selfish end.

Her game is simple:

The author, Charles Ogbu

When she feels she is being sidelined by the cabal, she comes to voice out some populist rhetorics that will make naive ones to think she is on the side of the suffering Nigerian masses. She could even go to the BBC to warn she would not be supporting the govt anymore.


All na wash!

The moment the cabal makes some concession, she loses her tongue and goes back to silent mode.

Look at the just concluded Kogi governorship election where despite the obvious fact that Governor Yahaya Bello has been a walking disaster in all ramifications, our Aisha still went there to campaign for Bello. She looked her fellow women in the face and told them to vote for Bello for another 4 years.

Before coming back from the U.K two months ago, our Aisha was full of fury for the govt but the moment they approved more Aides to her office – the same office Tyrant Buhari swore to abolish – she went back to bed with the govt and was full of praises for them.

Two weeks ago, after being over-fed by the cabal, she was all over the place advocating for the anti-social media bill to be passed because according to her, since China could regulate her over 1 billion population on social media, why shouldn’t Nigeria? Today, the same hypocrite is trying to use the same social media to rally for support in her selfish, self centered and self-conceited fight with the cabal.

Dear Madam First Lady, Nigerians are now wiser.

But wait ooooo, how does a sane human being allow his wife get disrespected, mocked and ridiculed by his relatives and even Aides to the point of the woman always having to come public to spill some nasty details about the govt he heads? First, it was Mammam Daura’s daughter who recorded the First Lady right in Aso Rock and released the video purposely to embarrass her and even promised to release more videos.

Ordinarily, this is a very serious offence bothering on National security but not even an invitation was extended to the lady by the petty minded overzealous and not-so-intelligent Intelligence agency. Before then, we heard of the audio recording where the cabal referred to Aisha as “the suicide bomber from Yola”. Now, it is Garba Shehu reportedly taking orders from the cabal not to recognize Aisha in anything.

And the man for whom this woman gave birth to so many children – the same man she is still married to – is just there keeping quiet??

Something is certainly fishy. I don’t know what it is. But even you that is reading this, you can’t tell me you are not thinking what I am thinking.

Meanwhile, have you heard that our Aeroplane-driving Chief Justice is advocating for the Constitution to be amended to include the teaching of Sharia law in Arabic? Here is exactly what he said:

“As we all know, there are sections of the constitution that allow the implementation of Shari’a personal law and apart from that, we cannot do more. However, we have the number to emend the constitution to suit our own position as Muslims.”

Have you also heard that Tyrant Buhari has announced that Africans from all over the world would no longer need Visa to come to Nigeria? Meanwhile, our borders remain closed AGAINST BOTH ILLICIT AND NON-ILLICIT IMPORT AND EXPORT.

But Northern borders remain very open and Northern markets are filled with imported foreign rice. If you know how porous those Northern borders are, you’d know the whole border closure thing could never have been about Northern borders. Going by Buhari’s record, do you know the implication of Nigeria going visaless for all African countries? Go figure!

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