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I Want To Be Like Fela, The Fela Style ~ By Cornel Osigwe

The 2019 Felabration festival to commemorate the life and times of music icon, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, was one of the highlights of last week.

Fela means different things to different people such as; an afrobeat musician, human right activist, maverick politician, advocate of the common man, a critic of the government, a smoker and womanizer, but to me He was an ORIGINAL MAN.

He was sent to london to study medicine and he ended up studying music because he choose to be original.

Upon graduation, he experinmented with different styles of music from jazz to highlife, but the originality in him will not allow him to go further.

He went to Ghana to think up a new musical direction and thereafter he developed a different kind of music- The afrobeat.

Today the afrobeat style has influenced a lot of musicians such Wizkid and also inspired a lot of music lovers.

Fela has been dead for 22 years but Fela lives. He still lives in the minds of his admirers and his music lovers.

In October 2012, The Lagos State Govt converted Fela’s house to a museum to boost the tourism activities of the state.

Till today, even though he is late, Fela is still being celebrated by millions of people all over the world all because he choose to be original and be genuine. Hmmmm, I want to be Fela….. I want to be Original.

Just imagine, would Fela still have been relevant if he had studied medicine in London or even copied a style of music from a musician. I doubt.

Friend, why die a copy when you are created an original. King solomon said in the book of proverbs- “you are wonderfully made”.

Scientist marvel at the complexities of modern day computer, yet current research in human capacity reveals that the computers pale in significance when compared to the potentials of the human mind.

Friend, you are a genius. Create your own style from the inside. Be your own person.

Stop being a photocopy. Be original. That is what will make you relevant. Discover who you are and be who you are.

Be Fela! Be Original!! Fela Lives!!! I Love You. A New You Is Possible.

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