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I will “finish” you and your family – Gov Obiano to Peter Obi

Obiano told Peter Obi, "I will “finish" you and your family"

In blaze programme of today, Chief Joe Martin Uzodike, answering question of Anambra State governor, Willie Obiano’s threat to Obi which is online lost his voice trying to say it.

During the meeting of Omambala people with Obi on Saturday, 11th of June in Hon. Nwobu Alor’s Agulu house, Obi narrated his experience with Chief Willie Obiano.

One Omambala man at the meeting told me what transpired in confidence. Since Joe Martin has said it half way, I shall complete the rest.

Obi welcomed them for seeking peace and narrated how he has been treated. 

He said that even as Obiano’s people were seeking peace, that the same Obiano, during Prof. Nwabueze’s 85th birthday on the 9th of June excused the Igwe that was staying beside him and Archbishop Anikwenwa and sat beside him and said:

“Ina epioghari from one place to another. It will not help you.

“I shall deploy all I have to make sure you lose and that you are nobody in Nigeria. 

“Victor ga-ewini gi. Obughi Onye kwue motto ya afue.” 

Pointing at Obi now, with Obi reminding him that certain acts are not expected from a Governor of a State, he continued: 

“I will deal with you. You do not know me. I will FINISH you and your entire family.” 

At this point Obi attempted leaving the seat, but Archbishop Anikwenwa pushed him back and ask him not to leave.”

This was exactly what was heavy in Joe martin’s mouth. 

Joe Martin only succeeded in telling us that the Governor was drunk.

In fact everybody there asked Obi to keep cool because the man was under influence of some sought .

The man who told me this story said that even at the meeting, Joe Martin came with written petition to the police on threat to life.

He was, however, restrained by Omambala people not to submit it as they seek peace between the duo. 

Mazi Odera

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