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Ibeto Not Arrested By Police —Nzuko Ora Nnewi Scribe

Our attention has been drawn to the misleading, malicious and damaging publication trending on Social Media that our most ilustrous son; Dr. Cletus Mmadubugwu Ibeto CON , was arrested by the police in Abuja.

We are shocked by such publication as is greatly misleading and very devastating.

Dr. Cletus Ibeto CON (Omekannaya) is not just a billionaire, he is a mentor, a forerunner and one of the fathers to all in Nnewi and by extension , the entire Igbo race.

The crisis rocking Egbu Umuenem community, which Ibeto just single-handedly built and donated a hall to, is not peculiar to Umuenem and it’s family matter.

Presently, our traditional institution in conjunction with Nnewi leaders of thought are using Nnewi crisis management instruments, which is about the most efficient in the whole Africa to look into the issue.

Sequel to the above , we wish to register our dismay over the publication which we consider embarrassingly degenerate, denigrating, demeaning, detrimental, disgusting, disintegrating and disenchanting.

It’s very unconventional, uncustomary, unethical, untraditional and shaming to our heritage before the entire world.

Therefore, we advice that the publication be pulled down and disregarded by well-meaning members of the society as it lacks “fundamentum in rei”; that is lacks bearing in reality.

Nota Bene: Dr. Cletus Ibeto CON (Omekannaya) was never invited by the police , he went there as the “Eagle of Nnewi” to inform the police that the situation is family matter and we have it under control and to further ensure that the Nnewi people invited are allowed to return home safely.

Find attached the letter of invitation:

Our assurance is that we have domesticated the situation and it will be resolved shortly.

Sir Augustine Ike (KSJI)-IKEDOJI
Publicity Secretary Nzuko Ora Nnewi

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