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Ibori challenges London Convictions, alleges Prosecutors misconduct


Ibori challenges London Convictions, alleges Prosecutors misconduct

Confiscation hearing in the matter was adjourned on Monday 6th June 2016, at the Southwark Crown Court where the court heard submissions from Chief James Ibori’s lead counsel on reprehensible conduct on the part of British prosecutors – Sasha Wass QC, Esther Shutzer-Weissman, David Williams and Sian Davies. 

All cases now adjourned to 7 October 2016, pending the NCA review.

No abuse applications were actually heard. Ibori now appealing his convictions. 

The former Delta State governor, James Ibori who is due for release in a matter of months has confirmed through his Counsel, his intention to appeal his convictions.

British Prosecutors are accused of withholding significant material in the original trials of James Ibori and associates, but also of the staggering cover-up of the police corruption at the heart of these cases and the ensuing convictions. 

Mr Krollic, together with Kennedy Talbot QC had filed an application seeking a stay of proceedings that contained exceptionally serious allegations of systemic prosecutorial misconduct against the prosecutors. The evidence supporting part of these allegations has been provided by the eminent Nicholas Purnell QC.  It is said that Purnell’s character is unimpeachable.

The Purnell evidence suggests that Wass QC and her colleagues deliberately and systematically misled the defence and the court in a number of fundamental aspects, not only during the course of the trial but at the key stage orchestrating Ibori to pleading guilty. 

Wass QC is accused of lying to a number of courts throughout the various Ibori and linked trials but most significantly to the Court of Appeal in the 2104 Gohil Appeal.

DC John McDonald is the only officer So far that has been identified as having received cash bribes in respect of these cases. 

However, “financial records of the rogue private investigators – RISC Management Limited, identify RISC’s numerous relationships with serving and retired police officers. The police officers in the Ibori case includes amongst others – DI Gary Walters, the senior case officer, DC Ben Irons and DC Mathew Hurding-Jones and DC David Cocks”, a person knowledgeable about the matter told Elombah.com.

“The claims of prosecutorial misconduct and corruption are likely to send monumental tremors across the British criminal justice system, in what is now described as a poisoned chalice case”, he added.

On Tuesday 7th June 2016, Stephen Kamlish QC, representing Bhadresh Gohil submitted further corroboration of the serious misconduct by Wass QC/Shutzer-Weissman and how both knowingly conspired to pervert the course of justice by orchestrating a cover-up of the corruption and their own past misconduct.  However, the most shocking episode concerns the wilful misleading of the Court of Appeal.

Kamlish also confirmed two further eminent Queens Counsel were in the process of providing statements claiming systemic and dishonest conduct on the part of the prosecutors.  Other barristers involved in the cares are now considering supporting the allegations of the prosecutorial misconduct. 

Despite the factual evidence, which demonstrated that none funds emanated from the Delta State, Wass QC, based her case entirely on the inferences of Metropolitan Police officers – DC McDonald, Walters, Irons and Cocks.  Controversially, the evidence presented by the police did not demonstrate this. A forensic report produced by UK experts further demonstrates that none of the funds emanate from the Delta State but some from commercial investments with the UK Government. 

At Monday’s hearing, Prosecutors submitted that the Ibori confiscation should now adjourned to after the NCA Review due in August 2016. 

Ibori’s abuse of process application to stay the confiscation proceedings have now been adjourned till after his Appeal against conviction.

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