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Ibori – CPS Confirms Ibori Case Officer -DC McDonald took Cash Bribes


James Ibori

We are in Southwark Crown Court today from 10.40 to 3.10pm before HHJ Tomlinson.

James Ibori was represented by Ivan Krollic and Kennedy Talbot QC The Crown was represented by Jonathon Kinnear QC, Mike Newbold, Sian Davies and Rose

Marie-Franton and NCA Lead Case Officer Creighton.

The hearing related to Ibori’s case only. 

In the hearing today before HHJ Tomlinson at Southwark Crown Court, the newly appointed barrister, Kinnear QC replacing disgraced Ibori prosecutor’s Sasha Wass QC and Sian Davies confirmed to the Court that DC John McDonald formerly with the Met Police and until recently with the National Crime Agency took cash bribes for information.

This formal admission was also contained in a disclosure document prepared by the new prosecutors having reviewed some of the case material. 

Kinnear QC confirmed the entire police and prosecution team has been changed. 

The new team has struggled to get to grips with case, devoting the resources of 18 National Crime Agency officers lead by an officer called Creighton. 

He however insisted that he will be ready by the 6th June to start the Ibori confiscation.

This spectacular admission of British police corruption finally corroborates Bhadresh Gohil’s long running search for the truth in trying to expose this corruption at the heart of the Ibori and linked cases.

Ivan Krollic leading the Ibori defence team similarly insisted that Ibori’s confiscation must go ahead and HHJ Tomlinson agreed and expressed sympathy with Ibori’s plight and that it was unfair on Ibori to have been kept waiting so long especially considering his imminent release date.  

The Ibori team confirmed it now intends to attack Ibori’s guilty pleas and confirmed their intended application to mount an abuse of process application seeking a stay of these proceedings on the basis that the guilty plea was predicted on the Crown’s substantial misconduct and dishonesty. 

Ibori’ legal team has now obtained a written statement from the eminent Nicholas Purnell QC who represented Ibori in the 2012 trial. 

Purnell QC claims that Wass QC misled him and this created a false basis for his advise to James Ibori at the time which resulted in his guilty pleas of 2012. 

HHJ Tomlinson appeared visibly troubled by this latest development.

Immediately realised the potential implications for the shamed original trial prosecutors Sasha Wass QC and Esther Shutzer-Weissman in the dock for gross prosecutorial dishonesty.

The Purnell Statement is deeply troubling to the Prosecution. After years of deceiving the courts and the defendants, Wass QC and Shutzer-Weissman are now finally in the spotlight. 

Both barristers will now be cross examined by the defence teams.  

The Crown has confirmed it will be calling no new witnesses for the Ibori confiscation proceedings. 

Ivan Krollic mentioned that he had successfully undermined the Crown’s case in 2013, in relation to Ibori’s confiscation and further forensically demonstrated that none of the Ibori funds came from the Delta State. 

The Crown was further accused of falsity by grossly inflating the Ibori’s confiscation figures. 

Gohil’ s lawyers have filed an Appeal to the Court of Appeal and have accused Wass QC of exceptional prosecutorial misconduct including misleading various court including the Court of Appeal and withholding substantial material. 

Others affected including Oando Plc, represented by Mr Bailey QC also demanded copies of the material in relation to the prosecutorial misconduct. 

Kinnear QC confirmed that the DC McDonald has now been dismissed by the NCA.


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