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Ibori’s lawyer, Bhadresh Gohil exposes British Prosecutors

Cover Photo: ‘I’m innocent’: Bhadresh Gohil, right, with The Mail on Sunday’s David Rose

Bhadresh Gohil soldiers on to seek justice in a case which demonstrates the worst forms of abuse undertaken by the British prosecutors in recent times.

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Not only has corrupt police officer in the Ibori case, DS McDonald been exposed, it is now clear that the British Prosecutors in the case Sasha Wass QC, Esther Shutzer-Weissman, David M Williams and Sian Davies appeared to have been engaged in exceptionally shocking misconduct.  

It is now plain to see these individuals and others conspired to imprison an innocent man and attempted to cover up their own scandalous misconduct.

These same individuals, Wass, Weissman Williams and Davies and McDonald were at the heart of the Ibori, Gohil and linked prosecutions since 2007. 

The CPS has withdrawn all prosecution briefs from her and Shutzer-Weissman.

Both prosecutors are likely to face claims of similar misconduct other cases and substantial civil lawsuits.

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It is however even more now scandalous is the fact that the cover-up continues under the direct supervision of the Director of Public Prosecutions. 

Despite the magnitude of compelling evidence, the CPS continues to maintain that the convictions remain safe. It is an incredible position. It is now shamefully compounding injustice.

A purported NCA Review completely fails to address any of the central issues in the original trials or the V mobile case.  

NCA reviewers have simply and ignorantly adopted DC McDonald’s flawed inferential position.

The Ibori and Gohil cases are set for a spectacular and embarrassing fall for the CPS and the Department for International Development

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Today, we see the British justice system facing its biggest ever corruption scandal and deceit at the highest levels within the Crown Prosecution Service which itself is now embroiled in a web of deceit which is now in the full glare of the public.



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