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If I Become Governor (Part One) – By Nwamkpa Modestus

I welcome you once again to today’s episode of your weekly tonic which normally takes its root or has its foundation erected on Truth, the only Truth and nothing but the Truth. I chose to bare my mind or show my people the direction I may take in eventuality of me becoming Governor tomorrow. 

Who said that I cannot be Governor of this state one day?  After all, politics is the only business that can convert you from nobody today to somebody tomorrow as long as God and providence looked towards your direction. 

We have seen such scenario played out in some states even in Imo state in the past. So why not?

However, there is this popular belief that the true nature or behavioral make up of somebody could only be known when given two things-power and money. 

Of course, a lot of people might have said all these things that I want to say now before they were made Governors but quickly changed immediately they found themselves in that Governorship seat. 

I swear by all the things that believe in me and also by the only God that I belief in that mine shall be a different ball game. The only problem I discover about so many people who are in power is that many of them are always afraid of their tomorrow and also see life as eternity and power as permanent.

So if I become Governor,  I will  hate to love  the office of the Governor. Yes I will. No doubt, I may be sounding paradoxical here. It is only when you see that office as capable of redefining your person that you will appreciate the need to start seeing that office as your No one enemy. 

Maybe, unknown to many that the office you hold is indeed your enemy. This is because immediately you assume a prestigious office like a state Governor; many people begin to throw stones at you rightly or wrongly. Anything you say or do has its own diverse explanation and interpretations by many people. 

If you hate the office, you make friends for yourself even after leaving office but if you love the office, you make more enemies than you had before assuming the office.

Again, if I become Governor, I will be slow in promise but quick in action. This is in line with the saying that action speaks louder than voice. 

The problem is that many Governors in Nigeria today make more promises than they can keep or achieve and remember because you are in that office, a lot of people erroneously think that your  powers are limitless even when there are things you cannot do as a Governor. 

The problem is that many of them enjoy making promises just for the fun of it and also to show that they are in charge. For me, they are only in charge of lies and deceit. Any time they see crowd, perhaps because of the euphoria, they must make one or two promises that cannot be kept. 

Naturally, people will tend to believe anything that comes out from the mouth of a Governor. They call it policy statement.

Also, if I become Governor, I will start assuming that I am like a one day Governor and that I might be removed from that seat tomorrow. Again, the problem lies in the fact that many of those in power do not think of exiting the office as quickly as possible. 

This is the problem with many African leaders. Almost all those who found themselves in that office immediately start thinking or plotting for a second or third term the very hour they are sworn in without even thinking whether they will be alive till the expiration of their tenure. 

This is madness! And because of this fact, they start to engage in corrupt practices just to amass stupendous wealth enough to bride and intimidate the people to submission for his second or third term. 

Clearly, the fear of what happens to them if they leave office tomorrow spur them into siphoning or embezzling state money even more than enough for their entire generation. A Governor in this country once said that with the kind of money he has, nobody in his fourth generation will suffer or lack. 

This is the thinking of a typical Nigerian leader.

If I become Governor, no member of my family or in- law will be appointed as SSG, Commissioner or Chief of Staff. None of them will get any state appointment but I can use my influence to get Contracts for them outside the state or in any establishment outside the state for obvious reasons. 

This is not to say that I cannot help them. No but they will not be part of the government I am the Governor. You see conscience is an open wound only Truth can heal (Apology to Zik). 

Anytime you appoint any of your family member or in-law into any office under you as Governor, you begin to lose credibility and Trust before the public. So I will not do that if I become Governor. There are so many ways that you can empower your family members other than giving them appointment in your government.

If I become Governor, I will resist the temptation of trying to do everything or transform every sector within four years. For what? For instance, it does not make any meaning to  tar one million kilometer of roads in one year with 10% quality but rather I will better tar 100 kilometer of Roads with 90% quality in one year.

I will not give free education and reduce the education to quantitative but rather I will subsidize tuition and school fees, award scholarships and give bursary in order to make the standard of our education qualitative. Every action I will take must be one that will give positive result and not one that will be counterproductive.

My Government will engage more in reorienting the psyche of the Youths. I will ensure that the Youths will stop seeing politics as the only source of making quick money. 

In fact, I will discourage them from engaging in thuggery and being willing tools in the hands of desperate politicians particularly during elections. I will do this through aggressive campaign both in the electronic and print media and advocacy.

Equally, I will ensure that every LGA Chairman give account of his/her stewardship every month to a special committee of eminent personalities with integrity comprising of some village but enlightened Youths, traditional rulers, Town Union Presidents, the Clergy and representative of the Governor in every LGA and I will have their phone numbers and will call any of them privately any time to get unbiased report in every LGA. 

I will release enough funds for them to work. It will be difficult for the LGA chairman  to bribe these people   every month. 

The committee will present their report of the performance of the LGA Chairman to me every month without the Chairman of the LGA accompanying them on the day of presentation. I will work with their report because it will be at least more than 60% realistic.

Anyway, let me stop here until next time. Please be reminded once again  that we are still taking our strength from Truth. Truth is our only concern and it is only the same Truth that will continue to set us free. 

Truthfully Yours, Nwamkpa Modestus. 


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