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If there is Biafra & S/East presidency… ~ a reply to Chimamanda Adichie’s averments


Igbos who can’t unite for presidency are talking about Biafra – Chimamanda Adichie

My dear Chimamanda Adichie if I may ask you: The restoration of Biafra and South Eastern presidency which is greater or more meaningful for the general good of the South East?

The presidency of  Southeastern extraction is only but one term of 4 years or a tenure of 8 years while if Biafra is restored it last in perpetuity.

There is no common frame of interaction or commonality of being between the Igbos and Hausa Fulani or the Yorubas. For this reason what divides us are greater than what unites the ethnic nationalities.

Where will the border be, Adichie queried? New and emerging nation do have specified borders. That is not an issue at the moment.

My dear Chimamanda the people clamouring for South Eastern presidency  are different from Biafra irredentists. Their goals are different so is their ambitions.

Ms. Adichie was of the opinion that in order to actualize Biafra ndi South East of Nigeria should restrategise politically. She failed to suggest same for Igbo presidency groups.

It would have been helpful had she proffered solutions and methodologies for the political restrategising. Talk is cheap. Igbo presidency is not alternative to Biafra.

The midway to Igbo presidency and Biafra is restructuring. Again this pathway is an impossibility because of the crafting of the 1999 skewed Constitution and the antecedent but unfair composition of the National Assemblies.

According to Adichie: “Igbo people cannot unite.” Unity and disunity are the metaphysical realities of being human in any human society. Unity is a measure. The Igbos are predisposed hence Igwe bu ike. The Igbos may have their differences ideologically but that should not vitiate  the Igbos’ cultural philosophy and principles  of igwe bu ike.

The nshiko mentality or Pull Him Down (PHD) syndrome should not only be ascribed to the Igbos. The Southeasterners are gregarious and peace loving people.

Harry Fanon is a philosopher and jurisprudence attorney writing from his Ahiazu Cave.

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